can some one help me with a question about equality under the law?

equality under the law is supposed to mean that all laws are upheald equally to everyone right?

if so why are there laws that are not used on certain people?


why can a 14 year old not be charged with rapeing you if your unconcious ?

why can't wemon be charged with rape when they jump on a man? "sexually i mean"

why are wemon allowed to get away with assulting a man?

with the obcenity law it is actually illegal to advocate or facilitate acting on any sexual desire deemed obcene by the state.

with this law,

why is it homosexuals where even able to protest as homosexuality was deemed obcene?

why are fictosexuals arrested for owning lewd pictures of things they like if they like something deemed obcene but homosexuals were never arrested for such?

these existances make equality under the law a bit confusing to me and i wonder is it an actual rule or just a concept?


TL:DR is equality under the law a rule or a concept and if it is a rule why are the laws not upheld equally to all?

"with some examples of laws that are not being upheld equally"

Update 2:

examples are

wemon can force intercource on men and not be charged with rape,children can't be charged with rape of an adult,wemon can assult men and the obcenity law was not equally inforced on homosexuals as it is on everyone else with simulated crimes.

these are all ways the law is upheld unequally and i am confused as to why this is even a thing if equality under the law is a rule and not a concept

Update 3:

the question is equality under the law is it a rule the goverment has to enforce or just a consept they don't have to follow? if it is a rule then why do laws that are upheld inequally exist?

the question is about the judicial system not wemon or men

Update 4:

the obcenity law is a federal law, and all states have to follow federal law" don't know why cali decriminalized loli when decriminalization means nothing to federal law but whatever"

thank you on the info involving rape i was clearly misinformed as all states i read about it in list rape as penitration without consent and envelopment is not penitration.

i have looked it up and no a 14 year old can not be charged with rape of an adult because they can't rape adults

Update 5:

a ficto sexual is a person attracted to fictional characters they are not attracted to people, and the obcenity law's simulation crimes does target fictosexuals who like things deemed obcene

"like certain kinks and also lolicon or animal characters"

there is a link between homosexuality and lewd pictures of characters as homosexuals can like characters too fictosexuals cant like people though

Update 6:

when homosexuality was illegal the charge they were hit with was lewd OBCENE and lavacious behaviour,

the question about the obcenity law was asking why when it was illegal they were not arrested for art like fictosexuals are now.

i was informed it was because the simulation laws did not exist when homosexuality was illegal and considered obcenity i did not know that and thus understand why they were not arrested for art

Update 7:

according to the obcenity law simulated crimes are when some one through creation of x simulates something illegal.

simulation of a child even a fictional one in a lewd way is illegal 

simulation of certain kinks deemed obcene are illegal

simulations can be with real people through rp and drawings or figures like toys.

and no they are not upheld equally as you can be charged longer depending on the drawing you simulated

Update 8:

i can't give judgements as it is a violation to post links, so please just google arrested for drawing "for simulated crimes"

and adult jaild for rape of minor while unconcious "for proof adults can't be raped  by minors and will be charged if they seek justice"

as for the others i have stated i was misinformed on some of them .

Update 9:

it is also not a violation of rights to make laws targeting x because they are x "lolicon was made illegal to target pedophiles useing it to cope with their attraction"

simulated beastiality was made a crime to target those who like tenticle porn because it was deemed obcenity.

simulation laws are designed to target people for the fiction they like thus target fictosexuals because they are fictosexual

obcenity is not a right and so it is not a violation of rights to target the obcene.

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    2 months ago
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    equality under the law is a rule the goverment has to inforce as to not do so is unconstitutional.


    1} "rape to a man and done by a teen to an adult"

    rape is legally defined as penitration without informed concent

    a child of any age can not give informed consent to an adult and thus can't rape an adult,

    a woman can not penitrate a man with her vag and thus her "jumping him" is sexual assult not rape so a differant law not one law unequally upheld

    2} assualt is illegal no matter who does it, if a judge refuses to charge a women for hitting a man because they are a woman the man should immeidiatly file a complaint for misconduct against the judge"a judge can't just throw out a case because he does not belive you that is a violation of your rights"

    3} homosexuality was deemed obcenity when it was illegal but the law involving simulation was not in the obcenity law during that time so it was not used then.

    as for simulation even being in the obcenity law that is actually unconstituional it violates the 1st amendment and 8th amendment.

    it is also unconstitutional to use "its a mental illness" to justify criminalizing any behavior that does not cause harm.

    if you purchase art the state or federal goverment deems obcenity understand that you can have your lawyer try to convince the jury it is wrong to imprision you for it even if it is illegal as it is unjust to harm someone because of their sexual prefferance.

    it doesn't mean they will and you won't go to jail it just means that if they don't the law could be over turned as it has been found to be unjust.

  • 2 months ago

    thank you to all who answered,

    there was info i did not know and when looking up was finding cases in which judges threw out a case.

    "assult because he did not belive it happened because of the womans size"

    the judge jailed the victim of rape by a minor because

    " the law does not acknowlage envelopment as rape the, and the man knew better then to black out drunk in a room with kids he is the adult and thus seduced them and thus raped them"

    men jailed for rape because a women said it was rape even though the victim had proof he was not awake

    "because the law does not acknowlage envelopment as rape no law does"

    multiple people jailed for drawings and even an fbi page that can be found by typeing when drawing can get you in trouble online

    "this is the one that says advocating for and facilitating obcenity is illegal"

    so what i was misinformed on,

    i was unaware that if a judge throws out a case because " i don't belive x happened" you can sue because they broke the law by not upholding the law equally"assult"

    was unaware that the reason a woman "jumping a mans bones" is not rape is because it is sexual assult instead a differant law

    "because no state acknowlages envelopment as rape"

    and was unaware that when homosexuality WAS illegal and illegal because it was deemed obcenity by the country the reason they were not arrested for pictures of characters they like is because the simulation part of the obcenity law did not exist then.

    thank you i was asking if it was a rule they had to follow or a consept

    but i am still unsure of why it is not equally upheld as it is not

    even on the fbi page i speak of they say a person will be jailed for longer time depending on the kink they simulated.

    thats not equality under the law as all attractions that do not hurt others are the same and even making it illegal to own x drawing is a violation of equality under the law because it is supposed to be a right to express your sexuality.

    but makeing certain kinks get more time when they are all drawings and thus all the same is not equality

    so i am confused as to why it is not being upheld if it is an actual rule,thank you all 

  • RICK
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    2 months ago

    You dont know what you are talking about all your examples are false

  • J
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    2 months ago

    Your spelling and grammar are atrocious, so I’m not sure I completely understood your question. But I’ll give it a try. The law is supposed to be equal for everyone. A minor can definitely be charged with the forcible rape of an adult. A woman can be charged with rape of a man in some states. Each state has slightly different laws and definitions of rape. Some require that the perpetrator actually penetrate the victim, and some don’t. It depends on the language used in the law. Women get charged with hitting men all the time. As far as equal enforcement, prosecutors generally file charges on cases they can win. They have to consider the evidence, and whether a jury would convict. Often, they need a victim to cooperate in order to file charges. Most men don’t admit to being raped. Most men who get assaulted by women decline to press charges. Without the victims cooperation, they don’t have a case. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    A 14 year CAN be charged with rape for having sex without consent. Unconscious or conscious doesn’t matter. You do know that rape is sex without consent, right? Whether a woman says “no” or is unconscious and cannot say “no” is immaterial. The reason the woman cannot consent is immaterial. Same with children - they are (and the laws change from State) unable to consent to sex BY STATUTE and it becomes statutory rape.

    In case you have any interest, I am the survivor of stranger rape at knifepoint. I am very familiar with rape laws.

    Women who have sex with men without the man’s consent (“sexually jump on a man” in your words) can be charged with rape, and they are charged with rape. The problem? Men don’t want to admit that a woman raped them and don’t file a police report.

    We “wemon” are NOT allowed to assault a man - or another “wemon” for that matter. I don’t know where you get your info.

    There isn’t one obscenity law. Which specific law are you addressing? NO law in ANY State says “it is illegal to advocate or facilitate acting on any sexual desire deemed obscene by the State.” That has NOTHING to do with obscenity. In general obscenity violates LOCAL morals and values.

    Who deemed homosexuality as obscene? Which State, which lawmaking body? Or is this just your opinion?

    There is no connection between ficto sexuals and lewd pictures and homosexuals. Anyone (and everyone) can be interested in ficto-sexuals. It isn’t limited to homosexuals AND a law limited anything to homosexuals only would be a violation of that person’s, that groups’, civil rights.

    I have no idea what “existances” means. Laws are rules, not concepts, if that’s that question.

    Laws ARE upheld equally. If you are being discriminated against, file a lawsuit. And your examples? Repeating the exact same thing over and over does not make you right. AGAIN:

    1 - Yes, women can force intercourse on men AND be charged if the man files a complaint;

    2 - Children CAN and ARE charged with rape of other children OR adults; and

    3 - Obscenity laws are equally enforced. Homosexuals are not singled out. (“Simulate crimes?” Do you know what “simulated” means)?

    Equality is a law, not a “rule.” So tell me what is not equal (inequal is not a word). Give me facts, not your very incorrect opinions and judgments.

  • Damien
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    2 months ago

    Its not equality at all that women demand, they only want equality in situations that benefit them like high paying executive positions. You think that lazy 200 pound woman in a warehouse job wants to go pick that 50 pound box? Nope. She gonna go to the 100 pound boy and tell him to pick it up with the taunt of "be a Man, prove u are a man by doing hard labour work cause me the woman too weak", NO U BE A MAN , U LAZY WOMEN!

  • 2 months ago

    Because most of your examples are incorrect!

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