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Most overrated college football teams?

Mine are Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Michigan, and USC

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    1. Michigan has a century of tradition and the biggest stadium in college football to go along with a string of disappointing seasons under Jim Harbaugh.

    2. USC used to be the preeminent program in the country but the school's reputation has been tainted by scandal, dubious coaching hires, and a clueless athletic department. 

    3. Notre Dame has Rudy and Touchdown Jesus and little else. The Irish got waxed two years ago in the playoff by Clemson. It was like watching a college team play a really solid high school team.

    4. Florida State was ranked in the top 5 for an entire decade but now the program is a joke.

    5. Texas is overrated. They’ll be overrated in 2020 because the roster isn’t loaded with future NFL players like it was back in the day when they were a lock to get all of the top recruits in the state of Texas.

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    I can't answer the question. I looked everywhere on the internet and I couldn't find their ratings anywhere. Do you have a link?

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    Notre Dame and Michigan are undoubtedly the most overrated of the College teams.

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