Fortnite Size on PC?

I installed fortnite on my pc fresh installation it said it was only 40 GB to be but after finishing installing it's now an 81 GB folder... Why is that?

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  • 7 months ago
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    When Fortnite was originally launched, the original base may have only been 40 GB's...  HOWEVER, all the updates, patches, premium DLC (cosmetic items), additional game modes & whatnot which was not initially included has cause the game to balloon up to the 81 GB's you've mentioned.

    Many publishers & developers tend to forget to update their support pages / FAQ's when it comes to system requirements after they release it...  GTA V for PC right now is quoting 72 GB's for install space, when it's closer to 92 GB's after all updates.

    This type of "development creep" in the modern age can throw the size of games off & it's something that you'll have to take into account nowadays.

  • 7 months ago

    It may be a 40 GB download of compressed data that becomes 80 GB once expanded.

    Not saying this is the answer, just a possibility.

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