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How much weight can I lose in a month?

Age: 20

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 127

I will be doing intense working out 5 days a week, and eating a high protein and low carb diet for 30 days. I’ll have some cheat days if I really need it, and I’ll have some extra rest days if I am really hurting my body. 

I don’t care to hear someone say I don’t need to lose weight. I’m doing this and no one telling me I look fine will stop me from doing it. I mean that politely by the way :)!

It just helps to have an idea of how many pounds I will lose so that way I can stay better motivated. 

I have strong abs, but I have lower belly fat that totally covers them up. I’m hoping I can get rid of that lower belly fat in these 30 days 

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    At your height, assuming you are female, your healthy weight range is 116 - 135 lbs, depending on body frame size, per the source calculator. Since you are determined to work on losing weight whether you need to or not, there was no point in even posting your question. You've already decided what you're going to do and how you're going to go about it. NO ONE can tell you how much you'll lose, because there are variables that we don't know (your BMR, your exact calorie intake, your exact calorie burn from exercise, etc). You'll know at the end of a month. A healthy rate of fat loss is 1 - 2 lbs/wk, with up to 3 lbs/wk being possible (but more difficult to attain and maintain). The faster you lose, the more difficult it is to maintain the loss.


    A great way to make your body smaller/more compact is to workout with weights and add some muscle. It makes you look smaller (even though your weight may actually increase), will allow you to wear smaller sized clothing than you could wear w/o the muscle, and speeds your metabolism so you can consume more calories without gaining weight.

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    How much you lose comes down to how big of a calorie deficit you created each day.  For example, if you eat 1300 calories a day and use up 2300 calories between just what your body needs to function and your exercise, you will lose about 2 pounds a fat per week.  However, if you eat 1700 calories a day and most of those are at night or your cheat day turns out to be 3000 calories, you might lose only 4 pounds in that month.  

    You also can't know where you will lose the fat.  If you drop 10 pounds (whether in 30 days or 30 weeks) you'll have less fat on your abs, but you may not have an entirely flat stomach.  

    I'd also suggest that you stop looking at this a a 30-day diet with cheat days and more as a permanent lifestyle where you will make better food choices and exercise regularly.  It may take two months for you to lose 10-15 pounds, but it only take a couple of weeks of eating sweets and not exercising to see the hard work disappear. 

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    you don't need too lose any weight as your weight is fine now

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