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Are my fears irrational?

I rely on an emotional support animal.

My small rat terrier, lives with me in my apartment.

One thing that I worry and concern myself about on a daily basis, is if I would ever need to go away for an extended amount of time. Who would care for her?

I picture these scenarios :

1. Having to go away for several days or weeks , due to illness ( hospitalization) or incarceration. I generally do not worry about the incarceration part as much as I do illness. I am  a law-abiding citizen. And do not anticipate ever having to go to jail.Ive never been arrested.

But my mental health sometimes causes me to think that I might lash out and physically attack someone ( in which case I might face jail time)

2. My mental health, does not always allow for job and income stability. I do not receive disability payments. And therefore due to the fact that I cannot keep stable employment, I fear eviction or homelessness.

In the event I lost my apartment and became homeless, where would my dog go, or who would watch her for me while I am in my situation?

 Are owners generally reunited with their pets in these scenarios?

Most importantly, it is important for me to note that I have no friends, or family members who I may turn to for support in

the event one of the above scenarios were to happen.

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    In case of homelessness go to animal rescue centre not the put down pounds. They usually have a list of animal organisations that help out. Ring them all up and explain your situation they will help you find cheap affordable "fostering" till you get a home. When I was homeless one place charged me $50 per cat (two) and free food. That would be close to around $25 USD a week each.

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    no, your fears are not irrational it is normal for the brain to run through fantasies in which good and bad stuff happens to test us and train us to be prepaied in case x does happen.

    i would suggest getting to know your neighbors and see if any of them love your doggo in the event something bad happens you will know they are safe.

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    I'm sure since it's a support animal,it will be taken care of.

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