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Not getting unemployment COVID payment - what to do?

I was on unemployment for 4 weeks due to COVID. Well, they had my pay on hold the entire time. Finally today, they told me that it was finally released and that I did get paid. I was relieved and checked my bank. I had nothing. Nothing was even pending from them. So... why is this happening? If I have direct deposit set up and they are saying my funds were paid/released, why am I not seeing anything on my checking account? I got the email saying it was good this morning around 6:40am. It's now 12:20pm and I still don't have anything. I really need that money and don't understand why it wouldn't go in if I have direct deposit set up.

I can't really call unemployment because due to the high volume, you can never get through to speak to anyone. I don't know who else to call. I called my bank's 800 number which allows you to go through an automated process to see what your available balance is and what pending transactions you have. It said my balance was the old one (without my payment) and that I had no transactions. So what can I do to get my money?

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    They released the funds.  Give it time.  I'm getting unemployment from Texas and the same thing happens every 2 weeks.  They'll send me an email informing me that the funds have been released, but it's another day or 2 before I get my money.

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    It takes a while to move through the EDD bank card and into your account.  Check online to see any comments posted to your account.  You can communicate with them through your account online also.

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    They released their side for payment.

    Wait a few days and see if it hits your bank.

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