Can i play paintball in cheap with proper saftey measures?


I am going to start my paintball journey I am very excited because lockdown depressed me mentally i want to engage with paintball because some of my best friends told me that paintball is love you should start.

but they also told me that paintball is a very expensive game and I don't have that much budget initially is there any experienced player who can suggest me some budget options.

secondly, they also told me some players lost their lives because of paintball, iam confused know, a bit of expert advice needed


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  • 2 months ago
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    Hello Mathew,

    first of all, paintball is not dangerous if you wear proper safety equipment and follow all the safety regulations of the field.

    Your friends are right unfortunately some players lost their lives because of paintball but we don't know whether they wear paintball safety equipment or not.

    I want to share some research data with you

    1. According to HUCP-US- Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project-United states

    they found a total of 20,300 visits of the Emergency department and you know 97% of the injured due to airsoft 3% of them were injured due to paintball.

    2. Also According to the Injury prevention report 

    they Found about 11980 cases from 1997 to 2001 and 95% were released to their home.

    So don't get confused just follow safety without safety every sport is dangerous.

    paintball is not the expensive game it depends on the player some payers want update mask guns clothes and other things while others get their work done with normal equipment, so it truly depends on your taste

    first, go for rental equipment when you discover your interest then buy your own equipment.

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    2 months ago

    Start off renting gear from the place where you're playing until you get a feel for it, and whether you enjoy it. Most places have very reasonable rental rates for gear. It only starts getting prohibitively expensive when you start buying your own guns and protective gear.

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