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When I go into a folder that I downloaded it say's, "this folder is empty" Why?

The downloaded files are definitely not empty as I had accessed them before... Why on earth is it showing that a folder is empty? I don't get it....

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    Based on what you told us:

    Generally that means there's nothing in there. If you "drag and drop" a folder from an internet location onto your desktop, it might just create an empty folder there instead of actually downloading anything because you said "I want to download this folder" but didn't mention anything about the files inside. You may need to go into the folder that contains the files you want and download the individual files. 

    What I think your talking about:

    If you are going into a folder that says "download" and finding nothing there, then your downloaded files are being saved in a different location. That location is a function of the browser your using. You can sometimes find and/or change the default download location in the settings of your browser.

    Very rare but possible:

    If you are downloading files that have been marked as "hidden". Then they won't show up even if they are there. The only way to show these types of files is by changing a windows setting. (show hidden files)

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    you cannot download a folder, only files.

    unless you mean it was in the "DOWNLOADS" folder.

    or maybe it was a ZIP file, which is an archive that contains files.

    whatever the case, it may have been saved somewhere other than where you're looking.

    try this: open any folder. on the left column, click This PC (or Computer, or whatever). open your C: drive, and in the search box at the top right of that window, type the name of the folder, and hit ENTER.

    if it shows up below, right-click and Open File Location.

    if you see multiple instances, check each one.

    when you find the right one, note the location in the address bar at the top to find it again.

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    You're looking in the wrong spot apparently.

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  • keerok
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    2 months ago

    You download files. If it's a zip file, it may contain multiple archived files which can be unzipped in a folder. It is highly possible to download a huge zip file that contains absolutely nothing. Some jokers go to that extreme to annoy others.

  • Ron75
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    2 months ago

    I am not sure just what you are asking. Are you saying that you downloaded some files and your download folder is showing empty or did you download a folder and that folder is showing empty.  If it is the former then they may have went into some other folder as you can change where downloads go. For instance I have mine set to go into my pictures folder. If you downloaded a folder and it shows empty then it was either empty to begin with or it may not have downloaded the contents.


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