Is it true many illegal Mexicans in America make much more money than US.citizens?

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    Yes they work and dont pay taxes

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    How has this question anything to do with philosophy?

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    Not philosophy question

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    Undocumented  immigrants work for less than the minimum wage doing jobs that no one else wants to do like picking produce, landscaping, domestic help,  factory work.  They may pick up multiple jobs to keep a roof overt heir heads. 

    Often times they are exploited doing work that’s not paid for or under paid because of greedy people who get away with it.  So often undocumented workers have struggled tremendously to get to the US hiring Coyote who often put them through perilous situations.  


    If they could be documented and pay taxes they would support the systems in place that help our non-working documented human poor and our infrastructure including roads and  schools. 


    I remember standing at a bus stop this person ranting about how her taxes should not support “illegal immigrants” children to be educated.  (I taught in the community). Just then a landscaping crew with clearly under paid newer undocumented workers pulled into her driveway to do spring cleanup. 


    If you truly believe people are illegal, if you truly think they tax our systems, hire documented workers.  


    Frankly the looter class Americans need to see that “They steal our jobs” is rhetoric to make you hate a group of people so you will vote groups in who claim to make policy against immigration but actually usually benefits the rich.


    We sit and criticize the poor immigrant and reward The billionaire with tax breaks.  

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  • Anonymous
    1 week ago

    It's true that they take our jobs.

  • no, most illegal mexicans do housing and construction work and hard manual labor jobs like that 

    legal mexicans also do it too though, especially as their first job in the USA 

    also, their bossess usually are aware of their status as illegals, so that means theres a chance they arent paying minimum wage either, and possibly skimping out on other laws 

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