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Where is the ground wire on the 06 Cobalt SS factory stereo amp?

I recently installed an  Soundstream VR-624B 6.2" Double-DIN into my car.  It functions as expected except for a static noise when no music is playing or paused. My researched suggested a better ground. So I grounded it to the strut mount on the driver side of the vehicle. Sadly the static remains. My hypothesis is that since the aftermarket stereo is amplified and running through the factory amplifier, I think that the ground on the factory amplifier might not be strong enough. Hence the static? Any help or suggestion are welcome to solve the problem. Also I've tried grounding the stereo chassis already too.  

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    Grounds are critical for any dc powered system to have full access to the power. It has nothing to do with Static, that is a Power side issue. Put a Noise Filter on your Power wire. Both the Alternator and Ignition System can create electrical noise. You don't get any static when it's played with the engine off, right? If so, the problem is in the radio.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Trace the black/yellow wire in the original stereo harness.

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