Why does New York and New Jersey have 4 times the number of Covid 19 deaths compared to the "hot spots" of Florida and Texas?


Texas (Population: 29,087,070)

Florida (Population: 21,646,155)

New York (Population: 19,491,339)

New Jersey (8,936, 570)

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  • 2 months ago

    Because they were early on.m Doctors learned how to better treat the virus and save more lives as time went on.  Also deaths lag new cases. Note that in the last 16 days Florida has exceeded 100 deaths on 11 days and Texas has exceeded 100 deaths in 11 of the last 14 days with 313 recorded yesterday.

  • 2 months ago

    Because it's a running total that includes the early deaths months ago.  Florida has more recent deaths.

  • A.J.
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    2 months ago

    At least two strains of Corona Virus. The one from Europe is far more deadly. Also, the curve over time of cases and deaths. Area around NYC is well past its peak. Later in time frame allowed more knowledge gained for treatment and supplies and preparation. Also note, even if not killed, the virus is very serious and many people entered ICU and with lasting effects. It also gets related to population densities of areas. NJ is the highest density population US State. Florida and Texas are still very sick and many more could die.

    July 24-

    NJ 186K cases, 16K deaths, 41K (0.46%) active, 21K/Million cases, 1787 deaths/million. Active cases declining. Deaths peaked late April, now low rate. 


    New York 442K cases, 33K deaths, 109K (0.56%) active, 22.7K/million cases, 1682 deaths per million. 68% of NYS deaths are Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan. 48% of NYS Cases, 40% of NYS Population. Active cases declining. Deaths peaked early April and now low rate.  Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan together are 0.7% of the area of NY State

    Florida 451K cases, 6.3K deaths, 401K (1.85%) active,  21K/million cases, 295 deaths per million, Active cases rising fast. Death rate rising.

    Texas 417K cases, 6.1K deaths, 167K (0.58%) active, 14.4K/million cases, 209 deaths per million, Active cases peaking, death rate seems to peak about July 23.

    Many ways to slice the data.

    So Florida is 1.85% of people in the state are shown as active cases. Georgia at 1.4% active. Arizona is 1.96%. When people are dead already, there is nothing to do but bury them, but when the people are sick and hospitals are filled, they are in trouble. Maryland is 1.3% active cases of the total population.


  • martin
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    2 months ago

    New York and New Jersey are more densely populated than Florida and Texas.

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