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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 9 months ago

Ww2 submarine XO question?

From what i have read it seems the captain of a sub takes periscipe observations and gives the order to fire during an attack. What does the XO do during a submarine attack? Operate the TDC? Conn the ship?

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    Ok, so XO is 'executive officer', that is...back up captain/ co pilot/ 2nd in command/ kind of like vice president. During the crucial time when 100% of the Captain's attention is and needs to be on the target and on the attack, the XO steps up to do everything else the captain would usually do.  

    Yes, he cons (controls) the boat, steering, speed, navigation. Orders and repeats adjustments the captain calls out from his view on the target, oversees the crew and other officers performance at this time. 

    On a sub it's the XO's most important time, kind of while the captain is on that periscope the XO is 'acting' captain.

    Source(s): Serval generation navy family. For realistic movie view of sub XO see 'Run Silent Run Deep' Burt Lancaster (made in the late 1950's so it's a real modern movie even though b & w).
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    Generally speaking, the XO deals with any leaks that are caused by the up-and-down movement of the periscope in its housing. He (it's usually a "he", unfortunately) places various containers under any dripping water, puts patches on any holes, delivers dry clothing to the rest of the crew and really just makes himself as useful as he can. Hope this helped,

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