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how to become the overman/ubermensch?

i was reading nietzsche and now i want to become the superman. but maybe i am too old. anyone who knows philosophy can help? thanks

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    Yes, I'm afraid you're too old. Nietzsche is a teenager's philosopher. That guy didn't invent individualism. He wasn't really a philosopher. He was one of the first public intellectuals - people who make a living by writing books with catchy titles like Beyond Good and Evil. Public intellectuals are like the kid who misbehaves because he's needy for attention, like Gore Vidal writing about how Jesus was too fat and William F. Buckley writing a novel in which the hero has sex with the Queen of England.

    "Of all the figures in the New Testament, the only one I admire is Pontius Pilate."

    -  Nietzsche

    He's just doing that for attention!


  • Guber
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    Stay away from kryptonite?  I really don't know, but does it have something to do with becoming self-determinate?  That nietzsche was a weird dude, and his name was tricky, too.

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