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i’m confused about my sexual orientation?

so i’ve been identifying as straight all my life until recently. i’ve noticed that women are looking way more yummy than usual and that i’m like really attracted to them. like i want to do things with them as if they were a guy. i don’t know if i’m bi though bc it doesn’t feel right. when i call myself straight, i’m comfortable with it. maybe it’s bc it’s what i’ve been identifying as and i’m scared of this new door in my life. when i call myself bisexual, my body gets tense and i get filled up with anxiety and my body’s like pushing that label away from me, like i don’t want to be that. i’m confused about my sexuality bc if that’s who i’m supposed to be, why am i uncomfortable with that term? i’ve never heard that happening before so that’s kinda making me feel like i might be straight with homo tendencies but that also sounds wrong bc i want to date a girl. has this happened to anyone? what would you consider me as? it’s been messing with my head for days and i just want it silenced 

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  • Craig
    Lv 6
    8 months ago
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    Your issue is anxiety, not sexuality.  You've found something to worry yourself about - and that's basically ALL that you're accomplishing.  And you've chosen to fixate on a subject that's particularly worthless to worry over, because your sexuality - whatever it is - is set and fixed and will never change, no matter how much you think about it.  This is sort of like becoming fixated on your height.  Are you tall or are you short?  Are you too tall?  Are you short enough?  In real life, none of that matters - you are the height that you are, and that's that.

    You have a sexuality.  You just don't know exactly what it might be.  And that really isn't a problem.  You don't HAVE to know what it is, because it's not the knowledge of your sexuality that leads you to date this person or that person.  It's ATTRACTION that determines who you date, who turns you on, & who you end up having sex with - NOT your conclusion that you are a lesbian and therefore must date girls...or straight and therefore must date boys.  The fact is, you end up putting your hand down someone's pants because they turn you on, plain and simple.  And you don't need to know your sexuality for THAT.

    So, if you see a boy that makes you want to undress him - date him.  If you see a girl that makes you feel the same way - date her.  And then be guided by what you find you liked or didn't like.  That's what we ALL do.  This "label" stuff you've got on your mind is just nonsense from little girl social media - it has nothing to do with real life.

  • Sky
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    Since comments are disabled I just want to use this answer to commend Craig for that excellent answer.  Take that advice to heart.  I really can't add to what he said.  I recommend you choose Craig for best answer (unless Y!A has removed that functionality as well).

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    You sound like a troll who reads a lot of sex stories..... 

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Suck a girl's dick and see if you like it.

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