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Are you feeling bored right now?

If you are, answer to this and I'll tell you one uninteresting fact about my country so that your boredom can be multiplied!


@cheesebrain - over here in Brazil, specially in the poorest regions, people have this old habit of giving their babies first names that are actually North American family names. There's people here who's first name is Washington, Wellington, Jefferson, etc.

Update 2:

@Matt85 - bad movies are more popular over here than in the US. In any country, most people don't care about the quality of the movie they're watching but, over here that's more intense. People here really like Norbit, White Chicks, Scary Movie, Grown Ups, etc. Some of them, like Norbit, are actually pop culture staples over here (or at least used to be in the past decade)

Update 3:

Edit: English family names*

Update 4:

@Wildcat - you're on luck! Fighting foe justice is our national pastime, just look where we stand in the World Corruption Index:

Update 5:

@MrSpetacle - in July you guys go through summer, we go through winter. Your Christmas are accompanied by winter snow, ours are accompanied by summer rains

Update 6:

@Laura - we were a Portuguese colony, after our independence we were the Brazilian Empire. We only had one emperor though, he was ousted and a failed Republic was out into place. It was so flawed it lead to a military dictatorships from the 60s to the 80s. In1985, it ended and we became a Federal Republic. We had 8 different constitutions! 

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    I am never bored, but entertain me further anyways.

  • laura
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    2 months ago

    I’m so bored 😐 I only have part time work and hubby still in bed I’m sat staring at a wall 🤨

  • No im not.... Will you at least help me fight for justice? 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Yes. I need to do some chores probably but hit me anyway.

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  • alright, i'm in.

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