Bible is fiction or reality?

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    All holy books are works of crazy minds.

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    Well, let us first see that the Bible is a book of truth.

    Number 1: Are the Jews are real people? If you answer, "Yes", then move to question #2.

    Number 2: Why the Jews are called "Jews"? If you don't know, look to the Bible where the Jews are called Jews because they descended from the tribe of Judah.

    Genesis 29:35 And she conceived again, and bare a son: and she said, Now will I praise the LORD: therefore she called his name Judah…KJV

    Look and see if there is any other answer. There isn't any acceptable answer for the truth is accepted by the world.

    Number 3: Now that the Jews are real people and they are in the Bible, ask yourself why Jews don't take Jesus as Lord and Savior and why they don't believe Jesus is the Messiah?

    If you don't know, the answer is that the Jews holy text, the Tanakh/Old Testament was written before the coming of Jesus. This helps provide proof that the whole Bible (Old Testament/New Testament) were not written at the same time.

    Now if we know that the Old Testament and the New Testament were not written at the same time, then the prophecies and foreshadowings of the Old Testament could not have been made up. Rather, they were made in advance and fulfilled later on. The fulfilled prophecies and foreshadowings are THE ULTIMATE PROOF of GOD.

    What are some prophecies and foreshadowings given by God in the Tanakh/Old Testament that have come to be fulfilled, you may ask.

    Now let's look at the Tanakh/Old Testament foreshadowings/prophecies concerning Jesus.

    1) Messiah was to be born in Bethlehem---Micah 5:2

    2) the King/Messiah was to bring salvation was to ride into Jerusalem on an ***, upon a colt, the foal of an ***-----Zechariah 9:9

    3) the price of Jesus' betrayal was told to be 30 pieces of silver, told who would end up with the money (the potter), and where the silver would be cast (the house of the Lord-----Zechariah 11:13

    4) that the hands and feet would be pierced-----Psalm 22:16

    5) that He would be born of a virgin---Isaiah 7:14

    6) that He would be pierced for our transgressions---Isaiah 53:5

    7) that He would die with wicked, be assigned a rich man's grave, though He had done no violence or said anything deceitful---Isaiah 53:9

    One foreshadowing fulfilled by Jesus is the Passover Lamb.

    The Passover lamb died on the 14th of Nisan. Its' blood was placed on the door frames of the Israelites homes to protect the Israelites from the angel of death and the plague of the first born males. Those that had faith that the blood of the lamb would save them (the Israelites) were protected from physical death. The Egyptians, who did not have faith in the blood, physically died. No bones were to be broken on the Passover lamb.

    Jesus, the true Passover Lamb, died on the 14th of Nisan. Those who have faith in the blood of Jesus to save them will be not face spiritual death.  Those who do not believe will suffer spiritual death/eternal torment in the lake of fire. No bones were broken on Jesus.

    One foreshadowing you may not have known of is the names of the first ten descendants/genealogy of Jesus found in Genesis chapter 5.

    Look at the genealogy from Adam to Noah.

    In our Bible, we read the Hebrew names. What are the translated meaning of these names?


    Now let's put it all together:

    Hebrew name--------Translated meaning





    Mahalalel---------------The Blessed God

    Jared---------------------Shall come down


    Methuselah-------------His death shall bring

    Lamech-------------------The Despairing

    Noah------------------------Rest or comfort.

    The resulting message/foreshadowing is:

    Man (is) appointed mortal sorrow; (but) the Blessed God shall come down teaching (that) His death shall bring (the) despairing rest.

    There is the good news of Jesus in the genealogy from Adam to Noah.

    So there is proof that Jesus is the Son of God from the Tanakh/Old Testament which was written hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus.

    One fulfilled prophecy that was recently fulfilled was the Isaiah 9:10 prophecy that the best-selling book the Harbinger was about.

    This prophecy was fulfilled by Tom Daschle and John Edwards after the 9/11 attack.

    Tom Daschle video can be seen at:

    Youtube thumbnail

    John Edwards video can be seen at:

    Youtube thumbnail

    You have been given things to ponder.

    The only reasonable response is that the Bible is God's gift to mankind to show us what God wants from us and how he expects us to act and what the future is.

    God wants us to know that Jesus/Yeshua is the Son of God and is the Savior of the world.

    No one can get eternal life/heavenly life without faith in Jesus and repentance of our sinful ways.

    We are all sinners and unless we have faith in Jesus, his blood cannot pay the penalty for our sins. The result is an eternal existence without God and his blessings. It is pure torment.

    Give your life to God from whom all blessings flow.

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    The Bible is also historically accurate and reliable. Its accounts are specific. They include not only the names but also the ancestry of individuals.*In contrast to secular historians, who often do not mention the defeats of their own people, Bible writers were honest, even recording their own failings and those of their nation. In the Bible book of Numbers, for instance, the writer Moses admits his own serious error for which he was severely reproved. (Numbers 20:2-12) Such honesty is rare in other historical accounts but is found in the Bible because it is a book from God.

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    All I am saying is there has to be some reality in there. It has survived for over 2000 years. If  it was total bs it would not have been around for so long

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    A book was written by many men who believed they were writing the word of God

    But all we have is a Book with many writers writing stories about what they believed to be true today we Know that they were wrong and the Book belongs in the Fiction section of the Libary

    I have a King James Version and it is Interesting Reading I am a Practicing Anglican Catholic who was never taught the Trinity who does not believe any man in  a dress has any authority to do anything

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    The Bible is actually a collection of books. It has dozens of authors. I think most of them tell some truth, even if the story is not always true to the facts. I have reasons to believe the Gospels to be generally true to the facts. But, as not much can be positively verified, I admit that my reasons might not be compelling and that ultimately a dram of faith is required.

  • Whoever they were which created the myth were those who could read and write. Perhaps they were the only people in their communities which could. The common folk must have lacked the scrutiny to judge real from unreal. Or at least a larger proportion did. And enlightened of the low silenced. 

    I do not believe in such fairytales. I believe everything necessary to explain the world is within nature itself. Not outside it. Nature is all there is. Meaning and purpose are inherent and natural occurring phenomena which may by chance lead to greater meaning and purpose. There is no guiding hand. Everything is a whole composed of other wholes and together form a totality of meanings and purposes. There are no rules or laws but that which form naturally through the interaction of an endless composition of wholes, meanings and purposes. 

    In order words: Eventually all the pieces come together to produce greater meaning and purpose even if it takes trillions of years or some duration beyond imagination. 

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    A little bit of both.  

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    The answer to your question is yes.

  • i believe in god but i think that is man written to control the world 

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