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The man I wanted is in the perfect relationship with someone else ?

I had a tinder fling with this guy about a year ago. We only saw each other three times and while he was nice to me at the start he didn’t become nice at the end. One of the things he did was

 ghost me after making out for the 3rd time and asking “when are we seeing each other again”. He super liked my bff the next day and when she mentioned that he wasn’t the nicest to me he responded “she’s twisting **** but believe what you want”.

He’s been in a relationship since December and it’s an almost close to perfect relationship. He has cute pictures with her as his dp’s on all social media. He does not like and unfollow other girls (he’s super against cheating because he told me that most girls cheated on him). Has her in her bio on ig and only has pics with her on his ig feed. He even as a Spotify playlist about her.

Everyone thinks he’s the perfect boyfriend too and will attack you if you think otherwise. Recently a friend of hers on tiktok commented on an implicit tiktok I made about him that “he’s in a loving and committed relationship...move on sis he don’t want you”. I made the mistake of trying to reach out to apologise to him for obsessive behaviours I had done over time so that’s also why she probs said it.

All her friends comment they are “lovers 💕“. This girl had an ex bf too but no one seemed to care. There’s a Polaroid picture of the couple and their friends (including another couple) and they are the only couple cuddling and sharing a blanket (cont...)


Her work boss even heart reacts pictures he posts with her and he didn’t when one of her work colleagues announced she was getting married. 

I stopped stalking them on social media but I can’t stop thinking about this. I’ll never get a perfect relationship or life like this one. 

Update 2:

One more update...

He had also touched me in my genitalia but wouldn’t let me touch him. He wore pants but in photos with her he’s wearing shorts and she’s got her hands on his legs and his legs are always touching her like he’s a grand prize. They go on perfect beach dates where she shows off his shirtless body..what I never got to see. I never had s*x with him either even though he wanted me to. 

Update 3:

I hate this word count 

But the fb profile is of him looking and smiling at his gf and the Instagram picture is of him smiling at a Mexican restaurant. He never smiled in photos or with me and told me he was self conscious about his teeth. 

He told me “he wasn’t ready for a relationship” after ghosting me and I had to reach out to get that response. He would also talk to me consecutively for a month and got my hopes up. 

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    I wouldn't judge people on their social media presence. That is not a good indicator of people, or how well, or how bad their relationship actually functions. Being a new relationship, it's all still new and happy. Give them about two years, if they are still together, to get a better idea.

    Sadly, not many perfect relationships are found on Tinder. That is booty call. In the meantime, be the best person you can be, and just be in the moment. Don't try to push it. You're young enough to let the right one find you.

    Also, people who ghost are not nice people.

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    I guess but people are really praising this relationship like they are Justin Bieber and hailey Bieber but without the marriage part.

    When the guy posted the Polaroid photo it was only for his gf’s bday and he had only tagged the bday girl and the couple despite the other friends being in the photo. 

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    maybe you should go out with someone else yourself then

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