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What is up with the ignorant Wall of Moms?

As a poor white conservative man, how come the Wall of moms NEVER EVER entered South and West Chicago to call out drug dealing B.O.B. Murderers?

Where were these chicks in Atlanta protesting the MURDER of an 8 year old black baby?

Where are they in Detroit?

Where are they in Baltimore?

Where are they in Philadelphia?

Where are they in St. Louis?

Where are they in New York City?

Where are they in Camden?

Where are they in New Orleans?

Another sham organization IGNORING the REAL problems in the U.S./ Black on Black GENOCIDE!


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When questioner points out legitimate FACTS, best to bury head in bung hole, huh Libs?

Update 2:

Pear l L, that ISN'T an answer!

Why aren't the wall of moms protesting the murder of an "8 year old baby in Atlanta"

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    cause 8 yr olds shouldnt be getting murdered

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