There is a ghost in my closet?

I was on omgele talking to random people all of sudden this guy tells me there is something in the closet I then say what is it? He tells me its a black little fiqure or something. As soon as he told me this I check my camera on my computer and I see the doors slowly peeking and opening unnaturally that's when I freak out. This happened around 3 am I wasn't tired nor was I dreaming and such. What I saw is this a halluanation? if it is I did some research and there is like some child ghost living in house from what I heard from my parents. 


Edit: One part I forgot is I later checked the closet behind and there was nothing there. 

Update 2:

Edit 2: I also want to say that the door opened by it self slightly and, yes the window was open, but it was impossible for the door to open by it self because the closet doors were not even close to the window. Now the second thing is people are saying I would of found something by now and I did some times I hear footsteps alone even though everyone is asleep as if a small child was running on the second floor. I am sure anyone would of said something if there was something stalking you.

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  • 2 months ago

    You closet is a portal for evil.  You house needs a blessing.  You can strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ and bless your own house.  My emoji is a prayer coin.  If you copy and paste it and enlarge the picture, this is a strong shield against the darkness.  CERN's use of the Hadron Collider is challenging the spiritual world and you have to protect yourself.  Get closer to Jesus Christ, he will protect you.

  • Tom
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    2 months ago

    See! you just CALLED it a "Ghost" If you saw ANYTHING at all,  it was "A black Little figure"---That's what's wrong with all this "Ghost" stuff.,  Y'all see ANYTHING unusual and AUTOMATICALLY CALL it a "Ghost".

    If people simply report what they see it will be a LOT easier to get a handle on this "Ghost" nonsense----"Ghosts" as such do not exist.  No evidence for them.  But people DO repeatedly see things they can't explain----Which is to be expected, as we don't know everything yet.   "Small Black Figures", "moving blue lights" "a column of white mist", etc. are what are REALLY seen--- and ALL, at least, within the realm of reason. even though we cant initially explain them.

    Calling them "Ghosts" is foolish.  No reason for it, and besides, it impedes a proper investigation.  Many People THEN won't believe or take you seriously. 

     Some will even clam that since "Ghosts don't exist, the blue light didn't exist either"----All the more reason to report WHAT is actually seen and deal with THAT instead of adding yet another layer of emotional unbelievability to it by CALLING it "A Ghost".

  • 2 months ago

     I believe you as ive had many many experiences with spirits. Seen things move on their own with no explanation, i saw my charger wire on my kitchen counter once being picked up by something I couldn't see, then it fell back down into the kitchen counter. I've seen spirits with my own eyes, heard them, felt them. People will call you stupid, but if you believe on your gut what you saw, stick with it. And you wouldn't necessarily have found anything by now, spirits dont just pop out and say boo. Where i live now, I had activity a lot, I would hear, see and feel whatever spirit was wondering about, but now its all gone quiet again. They don't always make themselves known on a regular basis. 

  • Dr. NG
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    2 months ago

    There is at least one silly person living in your house?

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  • 2 months ago

    If there was something like that in your home, I'm sure you would have come across it by now. Some guy suggested it to you and now you act like there is a full haunting going on. A suggestion is very powerful. You are seeing things only because they were suggested to you. Suggestable people are good subjects for hypnosis, be it stage or therapy. You will soon forget about the guy who tried to frighten you.

  • Instead of checking on your computer wouldn't it have been more efficient to get up, walk over to your closet and look inside it?

    Obviously there is not a ghost in your closet since ghosts are not real, you should let your parents know that too since they are apparently misleading you with superstitious nonsense. .

    " I also want to say that the door opened by it self " 

    "it was impossible for the door to open by it self"

    So which one is it? 

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