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Is it possible to sleep train a 16 month old?

My son has gotten so used to sleeping with me that if I try putting him in his crib, he'll cry right away but then fall asleep as soon as I hold him again. If I keep trying to get him to sleep and put him back in his crib, he'll cry until he's in my arms again. The only time he really sleeps in his crib is when he takes a nap during the day.. I can never tell from day to day when he's going to go to sleep. He sleeps at different times everyday and it's usually not until 12am or sometimes even later. Nothing works to try to get him to sleep earlier. He sleeps fine if he's in my bed with me but he doesn't like sleeping in his crib alone. Is it possible to sleep train a 16 month old and get him sleeping in his crib all night without waking up and wanting to sleep with me? I get so tired that I end up just putting him in bed with me because he does not sleep when I put him in his crib. He literally wakes up SEVERAL times a night and I always know that if he does stay asleep when I put him in his crib, he'll wake up an hour or two later. 

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    16 months is VERY late.  I put my son in his own room after the first week.  He was sleeping solid at 4 ish months.

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    Sure.  It is just going to take time and a lot of patience and perseverance on your part. 

    Your child is old enough to understand some things.  So you can try to explain some stuff to him, but the BIG deal is that you have to follow the process and NOT GIVE IN.  Yes, that may mean some sleepless nights and days when both you and your child are cranky.  Your son -- and you -- need to learn the following:

    1. He is okay in his crib

    2. Crying is not getting him out of his crib

    3. He can self-soothe and but himself back to sleep

    This means that you can allow him to cry.  You can check on him and reassure him, but you don't take him out of his crib.  You also need to start and maintain a schedule.  For example, maybe there is a bath followed by rocking and reading a book.  Then you put him to bed at 7 or 8 or whatever.  You can give him a crib-safe toy or book and leave some lullabies playing if you want.  He can stay up all night if he wants.  He just doesn't get to get up again until you get up in the morning.

    If a child is not ill or in pain, they will fall asleep.  The first few days will be a test of wills, but if you don't give in, your son will adapt.  The key is that you may have to get up six times to reassure him and you may have to listen to him cry -- which will break your heart.  The current problem is that you've trained him that crying yields a result he wants.  When that behavior is no longer effective, that behavior will stop.

    I have to say that you want to do this ASAP.  Most 16-month-olds are walking and many can climb out a crib.  If he isn't safe in the crib or is likely to "escape," you may want to ensure he is in a toddler bed so he won't fall on his head at 2 AM.

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