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My dad got upset with me and told me to cook with love or not at all, why?

He shouted me.

The power was out so I didn't fry the polony. Then he got upset and told me to leave it and that he doesn't need it.

I knew he still needed to eat so I said I'll do it and he said I must cut a few slices and then he flipped and watched me cutting and said i must do it with love or not at all.

Then he said he wanted 5 slices and even if I just toss it in the microwave it's okay and I said I'll fry it.

When he came back he asked me why I made so little :/

I started cooking because of lockdown etc and my step mum never cooked for us and we had to buy food which he had to organize picking up etc. I had a problem with her not puttin effort in the household and I felt she doesn't work and my dad works very hard so she could have atleast made life easier. I really felt he deserved better than someone who just leaches off.

But he made me think I'm being crazy and old fashioned for this feeling and they doing right and I'm completely crazy or unreasonable.

Yet now I'm expected to cook and cook 'out of love'

Double messages


It hurts me so much also thinking that:

a) she used him and doesn't care

b) he just wants to please her and gets used by everyone and he's scared to leave her

c) everytime I had a concern my feelings were dismissed or people seemed to manpulate me to think I'm crazy or thinking wrong or my thoughts just don't matter

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    I do most of the cooking in my family and sometimes I cook with love and enjoyment and other times I just cook due to bad health. Your dad was upset because he felt you didn't put your heart and soul into preparing his dinner but if the power was out he is being unreasonable to expect you to perform a small miracle making a lavish dinner for him. Let's not get your stepmom involved because that's a seperate problem and instead just focus on what you can do which is your best and your dad is just blowing off hot steam due to the coronavirus so try to ignore him and this will all blow over soon.

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  • Pearl
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    2 months ago

    maybe you should talk to him about it

  • 2 months ago

    your dads a fat disgusting slob isnt he?

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