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Will Zoom H4 that have input level -10 to -40dBm work with Audio-technica atr3350 that have -54dB sens. with helping of 1/8 to 1/4 adaptor?

Audio-technica atr3350 have -54dBm sensitivity. I have two 1/8 to 1/4 adaptors - mono to mono and srereo to stereo. Zoom H4 recorder input will use unbalanced, not XLR. Thanks a lot!

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    It should work fine, but you need a stereo <> mono adapter to give the correct combinations of connections.

    A mono to stereo headphone adapter should be suitable; eg. mono 1/4" to stereo 3.5mm.

    The ATR3350 is wired to "PC Mic" standard, with the same mono signal on both tip and ring.

    Connect to a mono adapter and it will likely short out the mic signal.

    Using a stereo adapter into a balanced TRS socket will put the same signal on both balanced inputs, cancelling itself out.

    The mono to stereo adapter will route the mic signal from both mic contacts to the + input and ground the - input, so should work fine.

    Example, first I found on ebay:

    Make sure you get one with the 1/4" plug being the mono side, like that one.

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