Why do flat Earthers get bashed so much when creationists/evolution deniers are just as dumb?

Don't get me wrong, flat Earthers deserve all the mockery they get. I'm just asking why creationists and evolution deniers don't get bashed just as much considering they are just as moronic.

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    6 months ago
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    That is a good question. I think the young earth creationists do get the same level of ridicule.

    Part of the issue of why other science deniers don't get as much ridicule is how much of everyday reality you have to deny to be a flat earth proponent. In order to be a flatearthtard you have to deny the space programs, including the moon landing, satellites (even while many have satellite radio and GPS in our cars), the air transport industry, engineering and land surveying, all of which use practices related to a global earth. 

    Also the globe earth is not a new concept, it has been known by science since before Eratosthenes calculated the circumference nearly 3000 years ago. Although perhaps not always understood by the general public it is not new knowledge. Evolution by Natural Selection on the other hand was only postulated about 150 years ago. 

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    6 months ago

    They aren't "just as" moronic. Come on. It's harder to understand deep time, speciation, and biology, than it is to look at a picture of earth, and believe all of physics and astronomy and geometry is false, but your GPS still works. Flat  Earth is a degree much, much dumber than Creationist.

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    Most of the flat earthers I've talked to tend to come at it from a creationist slant anyway - so I generally just lump them all in together as willful idiots, and bash them all mercilessly.

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    6 months ago

    What is so wrong with believing that God created the universe as written in Genesis? If you think about it, it is a perfectly valid explanation for why the universe exists. As for flat-earth beliefs, it was a reasonable belief in the past since no one could rise high enough above the earth to know for certain. But remind me again, what is so unreasonable about an Omnipotent God creating the universe out of nothing while while it is perfectly reasonable to believe that the universe exploded into being from nothing by no one for no purpose?

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  • 6 months ago

    Quite a few of them overlap and are both flat earthers and creationists. There are plenty of people who make fun of and call out the stupidity of biblical creationists though.

  • 6 months ago

    I can actually see how people buy into creationism, but i just think flat earth is indefensible, the evidence is just too clear. At least creationists seemed to have thought everything out, even concede on some evolutionary points, I can see how they would be convinced that marine fossils made their way to the top of everest because of the flood and God can do all things, and Lions and people were able to coexist on the Ark because God can do all things.

    Flat earthers invite mockery by simply being "Nuh uh!!!" 

  • 6 months ago

    I believe in Christ 

  • Wilson
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    6 months ago

    I am of the opinion that there is way too much focus on who is and who isn't "dumb" or "moronic"

    This style of debate clouds the real issues by bringing it to the level of 8 year olds on a grade school playground. 

    Discuss off the wall ideas and theories. That doesn't mean you agree with them. But anyone with such a closed off mind can never move forward without at least open discussion without judgement and immature insults.

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    You think they don't get bashed much?  It's pretty widely mocked.  I guess I don't have metrics to know which is mocked more.

    If flat earth were mocked more, I suspect it would be because it's a smaller group.  There's actually a HUGE number of creationists out there.  It's really appalling how many people just don't believe in science when it's inconvenient for them, yet board a plane confident that science made it safe.

    But flat earth is a small fringe subgroup within the creationist group.

    Also, the round Earth is something that has been known FAR longer and is observable with BASIC OBSERVATIONS.  You can watch a ship descend over the horizon and realize that the Earth is not flat.  You can take a plane ride and SEE the curvature of the Earth.  We have PICTURES.  Including the Japanese satellite that takes real time photos of the Earth from far enough away to see the full roundness every 10 minutes and posts them on the internet.  Ancient greeks not only knew the Earth IS round, but knew with a startling degree of accuracy HOW BIG.  Their estimate was far better than Columbus thousands of years later who screwed it up.

    Evolution is harder to see in real time.  Even lab experiments where you see evolution in real time take days/weeks.  You can't just see it in a brief visit.  I'm not saying they're right, but it's a little easier to see how someone would make this mistake than flat earth.

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