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People laugh at me because I can't drive?

It hurts my feelings I'm 26 and my family never had a car we went on bus everywhere. I got cursed this morning by another driver. I don't have my license but I'm trying. I'm trying so hard to drive right but people call me retarded

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    shouldn't u be trying with a licensed driving instructor then? with a special sign on the back window? i learned how to drive in my 30 - first i was married and he drove everywhere and then i was living at the centre so didn't need to drive anywhere, everything was at walking distance.  after my second husband bought an own house and i hate public transport (i hate everything public) i learned how to drive. i was learning with manual gear stick, so it was difficult. after my husband bought me a convertible which happened to be an automatic car, i must tell u  A MONKEY can drive an automatic car. and now i totally unlearned how to drive a gear shift and once my car was in a shop because i was backing up and crushed on a house wall (yeah, i know, woman driving) so they gave me a manual car. dear god on that short way to home i bet all drivers were cursing me. so my suggestion if u re so sensitive to others cursing - get automatic car. 

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    If you truly want to learn it, screw what they say and keep practicing.


    No one is born an expert at it, NOT EVEN THEM.

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    2 months ago

    ignore them. everybody learns at their own pace.

    although it is far better to practice in the country where there is less traffic. have someone drive you there.

    i have a friend who's 40 and just now getting a licence.

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    2 months ago

     We have the GDL Program in Texas i got my full driver's license when i was 18 i still dont have a car, let them laugh if you make it a big deal they're going to laugh more



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  • laura
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    2 months ago

    Ignore them that’s just nasty, I’m 37 and don’t drive. It’s expensive to learn plus running a car.... I’ve managed getting around by foot or bike which to my benefit is cheap and keeps me fit so tell them that if they have a go. There are also bus routes for me if I need to go a bit further out, no law says you have to drive. I’m sure you can do many things these people who laugh can’t do they should get out more, 😳

  • Wilson
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    2 months ago

    Ignore people like them, and do what you want to do. 

    They don't know you but they think it's OK to question your choices. 

    It's not.

    But there is no reasoning with them. Take the high road, don't let them ruffle your feathers, and live your life.

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