What’s the problem with my Infinity speakers?

I just picked up some Infinity bookshelf speakers from a thrift store pretty cheap, and I’ve plugged them into my receiver correctly, but the right cab only puts out bad mid range sound. Also, the tweeter does not make any sound at all. The left cabinet works very well, and has nice bass and treble from it’s speakers, which makes the right one sound horrible in comparison. I’m not an audiophile or engineer, so I really don’t know what to do, is the speaker blown out?

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    2 months ago
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    The woofer may have bad foam surrounds. The foam used by many speakers will deteriorate with age and they need to be refoamed, either by professionals or you can do it yourself. If they are not refoamed the voice coil may be damaged and the driver will need to be replaced. The foam at the edge of the woofer keeps it from traveling too far forward, preventing the voce coil of the woofer cone from popping out of magnetic gap. It sounds like your woofer may have voice coil damage and may need to be replaced. You can try looking for replacement woofers online. Type in infinity woofer in eBay for example, and look for one that matches the appearance of your woofer. It is simple to replace a woofer. Just remove the screws at the front of the speaker enclosure and life it out. There are only two electrical wires connecting the woofer to the crossover circuit and they have spade connectors. The tweeter can also be replaced if it is damaged. Tweeters can be damaged when the volume is turned up louder than the receiver is capable of delivering and it will put out a lot of distortion, which may fry the voice coil of the tweeter. Nevetheless, the problem may also be electrical. Corrosion or loose connections or a bad cross over may be the problem. All these parts, tweeter, woofer crossover etc. can be bought in the used market. 

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    4 weeks ago

    Early Infinity speakers had a fuse protecting the tweeters which were later replaced with electronic overload protection.  Check if you have a fuse and if it might be blown.  The foam woofer surrounds need to be replaced periodically when they disintegrate.  I bought a set of 10" foams from Springfield Speakers that I got online for about $25 that I have yet to install on my Infinity RSA's.

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    Better thrift shops offer a way to test speakers before purchase.  


    What you bought may or may not be salvageable at a reasonable cost.      


    Take them to an audio repair shop and get the full measure of the bad news.     

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    This is a problem with getting stuff at a thrift store, as they do not test donated stuff to see that it works before they put it out on a sales shelf.

    That's why it's a lot better to buy from private sellers online, such as craigslist in the US or Kijiji in Canada, and asking the seller to demonstrate that the item works before paying them.

    I've gotten lovely and perfectly working Infinity speakers used in such ways for as little as $42 for a pair of RS1 bookshelf speakers, which still sound great 10 years after I got them.

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  • Pearl
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    2 months ago

    maybe theyre broken, you could try going there and asking them to replace it

  • Rick
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    2 months ago

    maybe they were there because somebody blew-them out ????

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