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Will someone tell croaky from Canada that YAHOO isn't a "soap-box" to rant on a daily basis for what she DOESN'T agree with?


Do you think more firearms (e.g armed neighborhood watch) will prevent the gun violence problem in The United States of America?

TOO bad Democrat controlled cities/'hoods DON'T have neighborhood watches, eh Andrella?

Update 2:

And sadly my Liberal 'homies, why do YINZ avoid this DIRTY list of factual MURDERS by non-whites?

Tracking Chicago homicide victims - Chicago › news › breaking › ct-chica...

Chicago homicides victims: Charts, maps tracking shooting victims. ... The Chicago Tribune crime team tracks homicide victims in Chicago and includes all deaths rules a homicide by the medical examiner. This page will be ... So far in 2020.

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    Yeah, ole Creakwood has blocked everyone except like "minded" retards.

    The fact that all the mass burning and looting is in hard left controlled cities goes right over the liberal head.

    As for saving Seattle from the commies?


    Here is the only statue left standing in that "great American" city.

    Anyone recognize him?


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