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what can you people tell me about foo fighters (not the band, the ufo orbs) ?

are they real ? what is their physical and chemical composition and can one drill a hole through them or not ?

i was once shown a photo of one that had supposedly 'crashed' or 'malfunctioned' or went astray from its 'collective' and a man was holding this big shiny metalic orb like thing,  a sphere.  I dismissed it as a hoax.

if anybody can find me that photo it would be great.

but im not sure what to make of this.

anybody shed some light on this perhaps ?

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    During the war, both sides were experiencing glowing orbs of different sizes, some as small as 8" that would often fly around their craft or simply fly with it and mimic its every move. After a time, they would suddenly leave the plane at high speed and disappear. Both sides thought it to be a secret weapon of the enemy. There is not much more to say about them as they were never captured so we don't even know what they are made of. I feel you are hoping for the opinion of others as to what they think they were. 

    My own opinion is that aliens are using the same idea as ourselves with our drones but maybe a thousand years more advanced. If we were wanting to study war on another planet, I think it would be common sense to keep the craft we intend to go home in, out of the action and send in self operating drones to film what is going on, without risk of a stray bullet damaging our craft. Like our own drones, they could return to base when finished. As I said, we are doing exactly the same thing but with much cruder low speed drones at the moment so why not the aliens? They were obviously not made by us as they put our own craft and technology to shame. Although the words "foo fighter" are not mentioned, this was the first thing that came to mind when I first read about this. It may be what you meant.

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  • Ludwig
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    It was a rumour spread by Bomber Command.   The pilots were told that the Germans had devised a type of airburst shell that was designed to look like an exploding plane, in order to demoralise the aircrew.   They were told to 'expect to see foo fighters'.  In fact of course, what the airmen were seeing WAS their colleagues planes exploding.  

  • Tom
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    They look like glowing balls of Plasma, about the size of a basketball or grapefruit.----Something like "ball-Lightning" that seemed to follow aircraft around---Never heard of them being "Metallic".   Both sides thought they were devices of the enemy.  Some Scientists blamed them on "St. Elmo's Fire"---even though it is different.   Apparently some STILL yet to be explained atmospheric electrical phenomenon.

    The FOO part coms from the then popular crazy comic strip "Smokey Stover"  that used a lot of puns and crazy words like "foo" and "notary sojack" a lot.---Google it.

  • Jon
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    The term 'foo fighters' came about because WW2 military aircrew who noticed apparent lights trailing their aircraft during night missions initially suspected that they were a Japanese secret weapon. They soon realised that the phenomenon never seemed to do any harm, and showed no signs of being under intelligent control. 

    There does not seem to have been any detailed research into the phenomenon at the time. It may have been coronal discharge from the wingtips (known as 'St Elmo's fire') perhaps linked to leakage from the primitive on-board radar equipment used at the time.

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  • Dr. NG
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    2 months ago

    Not nearly as much as a simple Internet search. Unless you're looking for opinions on their existence which are many. 

  • Jim
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    2 months ago

    Yes, they're real. Just ask the military.

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