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What is a good, cheap way to buy paintballs?

I am just getting into paintball and recently bought my first paintball gun and membership to a paintball place. I get free entry everyday, however the cost of paint is killing me. Paintball is something I like to do weekly and, fortunately, I can get away with spending $25 on a pack of 500 balls for the whole time I’m there. $25 per week isn’t nearly as bad as what some of my friends have to spend. When I was buying the gun, the lady selling it to me said to not buy paintballs at places outside of the paintball park. She said it’s not good for them to sit on shelves for so long. I’m not sure if she was just saying that for more business, or if she actually meant it. Was wondering if someone can give a recommendation on a good place to buy some and a good brand. I’m ok with spending the $25/week but I would much rather cut that price down as much as possible if I could. 

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    you could try amazon, they might sell used ones

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