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I shot my Maternity Pictures on June 26th. The shoot went well other than him rushing me a little to get ready. I paid him the rest of the deposit $180 and left. I had to initiate the process of him sending me my raw images so I can choose ONLY 3 pictures to edit. The initial shoot was $300 for one outfit and 3 edits. He eventually sent me the raw images and told me to choose 3. I immediately sent back three. I gave it some time. I then asked “hey when am I receiving my edits” he eventually responds by the end of the week. This was Tuesday July 14th 2020. He hasn’t responded to me since. I emailed his “assistant” she says he’s out of town and left his business phone in the studio. It is now July 26th he’s still not responding. Communication is poor. So I think I’ve been really calm and patient. What should I do. I am thinking about pursuing legal actions. 

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  • hamel5
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    2 months ago
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    Send him a registered letter saying that he has 30 days to either send appropriately edited photos or a refund.  If not received, you'll take him to small claims court and take to social media to warn other potential customers.   

    But, I didn't even know that professional pregnancy photos were a thing. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

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