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Am I a selfish Democrat for wanting schools to re-open?

I took a County Civil Service test last November for Custodian. I was ranked #1. For some reason, painters are considered custodians or custodians are expected to be able to paint.

For the past two years, I have only been able to work 520 hours @ 11.25 per hour. That is 25 percent of full time and 25 percent off bottom of scale. For one school district. That one school district contacted me 2 weeks before COVID-19 shut the school down. No interview. I know their HR director, he was the one who told me of the upcoming Civil Service test. I was contacted a few weeks ago, sent back the letter of interest saying yes, but no response. This year I have not received any part time work like I did in 2018 and 2019. They don't know what they are going to do and they have budget problems. There are over 20 school districts in the county. There are all the other county government places as well. This list from this exam is good until November 1. Somebody may call me...

Right now I work for a commercial real estate company as a sub-contractor. Things are not good. I got paid $13.00 per hour to spray paint the walls and floors of a 1,000,000 sf building. Used up most of my respirator filters doing this job. I can't get more. If you use an N95 disposable, it still gets in your lungs. No good. I worked several weeks this year for them. They are exploiters.


I get minimum wage, because they can. Financially, I am in a very bad place.

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    The majority of the country are fearing the reopening of schools, but some will reopen while others don't.

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