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Is it possible that I have ADHD, and how can I talk to my parents/doctor about it? What’s the best way to bring it up?

Anyone can tell you to not look up the symptoms of what you’re suffering from, but of course some of us still do it. I have terrible mood swings, I’m very forgetful, and if I tend to have a list of chores to do, I forget what I’m doing altogether by getting distracted and don’t do them. I get irritated quickly, and I often take it out on other people unintentionally. If I’m having a conversation with someone, I’ll often get distracted by something mid sentence and forget to finish entirely, often until a few minutes later. I play video games because it keeps me busy for hours, and my hands often don’t stop moving. (Back to forgetfulness, I was going to type something else about video games here and I completely forgot :/) 

 I already tried talking to my mom about it, and she basically shut me down right away. I’ve yet to talk to my dad because we’ve lost contact for a while, and he wouldn’t see enough of me as it is. I very rarely open up to others because when I do, I’m typically shut down. And I often feel I’m reaching for attention, even if I may not be. 

 Any input and ideas are completely fine. I would love to hear others’ experiences, questions, and hopefully answers to my questions. Thank you!

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    I am 22 years old and was only recently diagnosed with ADHD. I am Polish, but have lived in the UK since I was young. Growing up, I was always criticised by my family, telling me I was always forgetful, confused and how I always interrupted people. It was the same in school, except my grades were always exceptionally good, so teachers would tend to forgive or ignore my bad behaviour. It wasn’t until I moved to university and met my current partner, that the idea me having ADHD even crossed my mind. He told me his best friend has ADHD, and I have very similar behaviours and symptoms.

    To me, this sounded pretty outrageous. In Poland, ADHD is still a bit of a taboo subject. When we were told about ADHD, we would always picture a 7 year old running in circles and frothing at the mouth. But then I looked into it. It all started to make sense. I called my Mum. I was scared of how she would react to the idea. Like me, the idea shocked her. But then I sent her some articles and accounts of people living with ADHD, and what it was genuinely like. I presented her with all the evidence. After showing her how wide the spectrum is and all the subtle symptoms and markers which may be missed, she finally opened up to it.

    After I was officially diagnosed, she was really happy for me. My Dad on the other hand, who I don’t live with, is a whole other story. Unfortunately he is not as open minded as my Mum. He is so conservative, close minded and stubborn that even after the official diagnosis, he doesn’t acknowledge my struggle. Recently he asked me how I am feeling with my medication, which was a step forward.

    To conclude, everyone is different. Unfortunately there are still so many misconceptions about ADHD, and many people for that reason remain undiagnosed. My best advice is to take it slow, and reason with them. Gather evidence and accounts and present it. Most importantly, talk to a professional. Explain to your parents that even if you’re told its not ADHD, you will still get peace of mind from it, and there is no harm in going to see someone.

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    ADHD is a Fake condition that the drug company made-up  that came up with a new drug and had zero uses for it! If any doctor is willing to label, claim, anyone had their ADHD then they are greedy, fake, and should be in Jail!   RUN from anyone that is willing too claim this could be real!  The evil drug company pays law breaking doctors extra money to falsely label people this have this! 

    The "H" in it state for Hyperactive and it means the person has to keep running all over the place, cannot sit down for long. All it takes to "cure" this is for the person to make up their mind, to decide, to get rid of it! Those on the drug are so drudged out, they cannot even make up their mind to get rid of it! (Back in the 1960s the drug companies first paid doctors off to give this drug to ones hyperactive,)

    The ADD is totally different with lots of different symptoms, signs. Like everyone with it are terrible spellers!  They cannot keep their Attention on a lot also!... 

    How about you pray to God and ask God for help here? 

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