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Should we try to access my deceased mother's lock box found under her bed?

My mom died suddenly..and we discovered a lock box under her bed. Keys NO WHERE to be found . when we shake it ,it sounds like glass items . Should we try to take it to a locksmith to open ? Or is it obvious she wanted whatever it was kept secret and we throw it in a lake or something ?


Also she has a lock on her phone ..its as if she were hiding a big secret or secrets ...

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    Go ahead and open it. The contents of the box may have simply been important to her. You might learn something interesting, open a new mystery, or receive a gift she would have passed along when it was time.

    As for the phone, every responsible person should set the PIN in case a stranger picks it up. You can't infer anything from that.

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    No throw it away right now, btw where is the house located?

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    Yes. open it,but make some rules beforehand. Like, no fighting if there is something valuable. Maybe take a vote with the children and see what they decide. The important thing here is not to let this come between you and the other family members or cause any fights. Good luck and sorry for your loss. my momma passed in 2013 and it is a hard situation for me to get over still. 

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    My neighbor kept weird things in a lock box that were important to her but worthless to others. Including the dried up embilicords that peeled off of her children''s belly buttons. 

    Not everything in a lock box is valuable. However, I would not thow your mom'mom's lock box in the lake as I would open it.

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    Call Geraldo Rivera, I've heard he likes to delve into stories about what's in a lock box or safe. It could be on live TV when it's opened. Just a thought.

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    It's part of her estate, and should be dealt with by the executor.

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    Of course you should open it

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    Just hack at it with a hammer or something until it opens. The beauty of it is that you can empty out whatever sh1t's in there and use it to hold your old mum's ashes....... and then throw it, and the phone in the lake. Or something. Hope this helped.

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