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Ball Python Feeding?

Hey guys,

I have a 14 inch ball python. I feel like Pinky Mice are too small for her.. and so I bought her a Pinky Rat. (She is currently in the kill process as I type this). She has no trouble attacking and killing the Pinky Rat, just the same as the mouse. However my Husband is drilling me stating that he feels the pinky rat is still too big for her.

He had one years ago, that he fed crickets until it was big enough to eat an Adult, he is stating she is going to choke, and has me afraid I may have made a mistake. Could some of you let me know how you determined feeding with your snake? All I find on google is that Pinky mice or Pinky rats doesn’t matter.

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    The appropriate size prey should be slightly bigger than her widest part

  • Thea
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    2 months ago

    I would suggest staying with pinkie rats. They would be the right size for your snake and it will make it easier to transition to rats as she grows. Balls can be picky eaters and mice and rats smell different, not all Balls make the change easily from mice to rats.

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    2 months ago

    Get fuzzy mice, which are larger than pink mice. Fuzzies have fur. Pinkies do not.  Snakes can tell you how big an animal they can eat. Basically any animal that it can swallow is fine. If it is too big, the snake will simply give up and leave the prey behind. Snakes cannot choke. They can breathe while they swallow. There is an opening on the floor of the mouth to a breathing tube that allows them to breathe while swallowing food. 

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    Well first off like the other person said pinkie mice are to small for a hatchling ball. They start on hope mice for their first feeding.  

    As long as the rodent is as thick or slightly thicker than the thickest part of the snake it’s good.

    You’re husband didn’t have a ball python that ate crickets so he’s completely wrong. They don’t eat bugs. Ever.  How would it even constrict a cricket that doesn’t me make sense.   

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    2 months ago

    Pinky mice would be far too small for even a hatchling ball python, which are normally started on hopper mice or pinky rats and moved to small mice after only a few meals. You should be feeding prey that is as large around as the widest point on her body. Ideally it should be frozen/thawed and not live, for several reasons. Here is a general chart you can reference as well.

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