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Is it Israel or Palestine?

Who RIGHTFULLY owns the area between Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan?


and WHY?

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    If you go back thousands of years these were all the same people. Some became Jews, some became Christians, others became Muslim. All three of these faiths have existed in that region for 4000, 2000 and 1500 years respectively. They all lived in relative peace together until the Ottoman Empire took the region over and refused to issue deeds to any of the inhabitants, meaning they could never prove ownership of land their families may have lived on for Millennia. The nation of Israel was to some degree imported by Ashkenazi European Jews fleeing pogroms and the Holocaust (and those people didn't treat the native Arab Jews very well either). It wasn't until the 1960's that the term or concept of a "Palestinian" came to be. But currently roughly 40% of Israeli citizens self identify as Palestinian. They go to school, they serve in the army and in government and for the most part don't see themselves as some "other" in Israeli society. So going forward Israel is probably just going to have to accept its status as a multi faith nation. People who've never been there don't recognize how much trade and commerce there is between Israel and the West Bank. Much is made of the occasional violence that breaks out but in practice these two entities cooperate pretty well with each other. Gaza is the real problem and eventually both Israel and the West Bank are probably going to have to agree to do some "nation building" there. 

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    Israel is Re-established within the Jewish ancestral homeland. The Jews have unbroken presence in their land and previous sovereign states there, since Biblical times.

    The use of the term “Palestine” to refer to the land of Israel is misleading, since there has never been any indigenous sovereign state of “Palestine” upon which the “Palestinian” Arabs could base any claim to the land of Israel. The name “Palestine” was imposed on the land of Israel / Judah by the Romans, and later resurrected for the British Mandate, yet has never been any indigenous sovereign state. Both Roman and British rule were foreign imperial administrative control. The only valid-name for the land belongs to the Jewish-indigenous sovereign states before the Re-establishment of Israel in 1948, which are “Israel” or “Judah”.

    The last indigenous sovereign state (that is, run by the natives rather than a foreign power) in what is now Israel (on which the name “Palestine” was imposed by Roman-occupiers), prior to the RE-establishment of Israel in 1948, was the post-Biblical Jewish Hasmonean Kingdom of Judah (aka Judea) - Map: Including: West Bank, Gaza, Golan Heights, capital of (what is now EAST) Jerusalem / “Old City”; between 110 BCE / 754 BH and 63 BCE / 706 BH:

    The reader can view coins from the Jewish Hasmonean Kingdom of Judah, here:

    That Jewish independence came to an end because of a Roman invasion and many, but not all, Jews were expelled to many places including Europe.

    While both sides make claims on the land of Israel, the Jewish claim can be verified from abundant objective-evidence, whereas the “Palestinian” Arab false-claim cannot be verified.

    While indeed firstly recognising that the land belongs to God / Allah, the land is given by God / Allah to the Jewish People, as is clear from the Bible, and as also recognised in the Quran (below).

    The Jewish People were promised the land (then called Canaan) by God in the Bible (“Old” Testament) in which the people were referred to as the Children of Israel:

    This inheritance was to be through Isaac son of Abraham (and NOT through Abraham’s other son Ishmael): Genesis chapter 17, verses 19 to 21.

    "Palestinian" Arab propaganda seeks to perpetrate a hoax that Jewish Israelis are foreign invaders. Referring to the Bible where it talks about the Jewish People being given the land of Canaan by Allah / God, the noble Quran recognizes that the Land of Israel is given by Allah / God to the Jewish People, saying:

    - - - - Start of English translation extract from the noble Quran: - - - -

    Sura (chapter) “Al-Maaida” [“The Table” or “The Table Spread with Food”] 5:21:

    “O my people! Enter the holy land which Allah hath assigned unto you,

    and turn not back ignominiously, for then will ye be overthrown, to your own ruin.”

    - - - - End of English translation extract from the noble Quran - - - -

    The context from which the extract from the Quran is taken supports that recognition (for example, the previous verse 20 mentions Moses); and if someone alleges that it does not, then the reader should expect them to be able to explain that !

    People tend to be mislead into supporting the “Palestinian” Arabs by the Arab-dominated United Nations. The “halo-reputation” U.N. and its structures have for many years had a built-in pro “Palestinian” Arab bias, due to the U.N.’s block-vote of up to 56 Arab and additional Islamic-aligned countries (e.g. U.N. member states that are also members of the “Organization of Islamic Cooperation”), and influence of Arab oil money with consequential trading power; compared to Israel being just one country.

    The U.N and “European Union” (which copies U.N. polices against Israel) are both fully-complicit with “Palestinian” Arab propaganda, by refusing to recognise the land of Israel as the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people (policies that are also copied by the U.S. Democratic Party.) Both the U.N and E.U. therefore falsely-treat the Jewish People as “invaders”, and so also as “thieves” and “illegal-occupiers” of the Jews OWN homeland (all the land on which the “Palestinian” Arab colonists currently reside being of prior Jewish kingdoms of Judah / Israel), likewise illogically of building “illegal-settlements” there, with Palestinian terrorism considered “resistance to occupation”.

    In United Nations General Assembly votes on the Arab / Israel dispute, a requirement for a Two-Thirds Majority is often invoked, to prevent a U.N. vote passing in favor of Israel:

    Following the Ottoman Turkish defeat in the First World War, the League of Nations in 1921 resurrecting the name “Palestine” from Roman occupation, authorized a British Mandate, whose inhabitants were known as:

    “Palestinian Jews” / “Palestinian Arabs”. An imperial administrative region, it was an area that later would be today’s:

    Jordan, Israel, and the Palestinian Territories - Please compare the second and third maps down, at:

    The prior Ottoman Turkish empire did not use any such political term as “Palestine”, but rather Ottoman-occupied Judah / Israel was within the Ottoman province of “Syria”:

    - - - - Start of extract: - - - -

    “[...] After Roman times the name [“Palestine”] had no official status until after [...] the end of rule by the Ottoman Empire, when it was adopted for one of the regions mandated to Great Britain [...]”.

    - - - - End of extract - - - -

    The “Palestinian Arabs” dropped the name “Arab” from their correct-description so you should not understand they mostly originate from Foreign-Arab-Migrant-Workers who came to the land of Israel just prior to, and during the British Mandate, to take advantage of higher wages through Jewish returnee-exiles.

    - - - - Start of extract: - - - -

    “... most Arabs in British Mandate Palestine were migrant workers and descendants of the 1832-1947 wave of Arab/Muslim immigration from Egypt, the Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, North Africa, Bosnia, India, Afghanistan, etc. While the British Mandate encouraged Arab immigration, it blocked Jewish immigration.”

    - - - - End of extract - - - -

    - - - - Start of extracts: - - - -

    “... the Zionist project was very attractive to Arabs who were drawn to Palestine by the good wages, healthcare and sanitation offered by the Jews. ... the Arab population of Palestine increased the most in cities where there were large numbers of Jews [...]

    [British] restrictions were placed on Jewish immigration in order to appease Arab troublemakers. However, the situation regarding Arab settlement was much more lax. [...]

    the Arab population of Palestine had been in a state of flux for centuries and that the overwhelming majority were migrants from the rest of the Arab world and/or the Ottoman empire. This is important because it tells us that the postmodern notion of a deep-rooted Palestinian Arab history/culture is bogus. [...]

    This explains why, historically, Arabs never talked about Palestinian identity - because there wasn’t one. They were Egyptian, Syrian, Moroccan, Iraqi and Ottoman Arabs, and many of them expressed allegiance to the concept of a Greater Syria.”

    Exracts source:

    “Arab Immigration to Historic Palestine: A Survey”, by Richard Mather:

    - - - - End of extracts - - - -

    The “Palestinian” Arabs considering themselves Arab were opposed to being called a “people” until the 1960’s, when they decided it fitted with their intention to steal the land of Israel from its indigenous Jews.

    (Please see the source which I have put into the “Sources” area of this answer.)

    Contributor Foofa wrote:

    "these were all the same people".

    My response:

    The Jewish people have Judah heritage. The Arabs are a different people who came to the land well after the Jews (Jew=citizen of Judah). He provides for his assertion: No objective-scientific sources; zero objective anthropological evidence. 

    He also wrote: "currently roughly 40% of Israeli citizens self identify as Palestinian".

    My response:

    Having changed their name from "Palestinian Arabs"; who arrived in modern times as Foreign Arab Migrant Workers (see here above). 

    Contributor "StephenWeinstein" wrote:

    It was stolen from [the Canaanites].

    My response:

    The Children of Israel took the land on orders from Allah / God - So no "stealing"; and the Canaanites do not exist today.

    Contributor "graphicconception" wrote:

    "My feeling is that it used to belong to the Arabs".

    My response:

    The reader will need more than just his "feeling", with the rest of his answer  also not verifying his comment. 

    He also wrote::

    "some people approached the British Government and said would you do something for us if we brought the Americans into [WW1]" thus falsely-implying this lead to the Balfour Declaration 1917.  

    My response:

    There is zero evidence the Balfour Declaration 1917 was based on any secret "agreement"; zero evidence of any such "agreement" regarding the U.S. and WW1.  Look up Wikipedia - Google American entry into World War I.

    I hope this helps.


    Source(s): Additional source: The “Palestinian” Arabs considering themselves Arab were opposed to being called a “people” until the 1960’s, when they decided it fitted with their intention to steal the land of Israel from its indigenous Jews:
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    Israel is a nation.

    Palestine has never been more than a protectorate.

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    The Jews own the Holy Land, because Jesus says so.  "Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion" (Psalm 2:6, KJV).  Problem solved, case closed.

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    Neither.  The Canaanites do.  It was stolen from them about 3000 years ago.

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    Might makes right.   Israel has the might so it gets the land.   Just like Israel LOST the land to first the Babylonians,  then the Persians,  then the Romans,   then the Muslims and then the Ottomans then the British.   Finally Israel got the land back.     You may as well ask when is the USA going to give Hawaii back to the Hawaiians.  

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    It belongs to whoever can hold it and ownership has shifted around over the centuries. Currently, the western portion is Israel and the eastern part is Palestine.

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    My feeling is that it used to belong to the Arabs and later moves were based on various kinds  of skullduggery and should be disregarded.

    For instance, there was the Balfour Declaration.

    In the middle of WW1 it looked like the Allies were going to lose. Continental countries had lost interest and the UK was short of ammunition - the problems of being an island nation. Germany had not been pushed back at all.

    Then some people approached the British Government and said would you do something for us if we brought the Americans into the war to help you? They jumped at the chance but wondered how it would be possible. The people said leave that to us. What we would like is Palestine so that we can create a Jewish State.

    At the time, the British Lawrence of Arabia was busily pushing the Turks out of the area and wanted to return it to the Arabs. He was sadly disappointed in 1918 when he found out about the deal.

    The deal went ahead and the Jews got Palestine. Whether it belonged to the Brits to give away was quite another question. As you can see from the attached link things are not straightforward.

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    Palestine, my brother 

  • 2 months ago

    The Palestinians.

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