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I can't believe internet searches led me nowhere, but, here I am. I need to ask the global community of bibliophiles. I need to write a query letter that describes my novel by comparing it to two others (preferably as a combination of the two). I've never read a novel like mine so I have no reference within myself. If you can tell me of a novel or two that has elements of self-acceptance, overcoming self-imposed disappointment, and fears of missing out and not fulfilling destiny, I'd really appreciate it. It seems strange that I can't think of any novels like this but every novel I've read misses the main subject somehow. Also, my novel is Christian fiction. I'm hoping this means my book is unique since most Christian novels I've seen have nice tidy progressions and conclusions. Not my style.


I know about adding setting and target audience, but those were listed as separate in the requirements. I figured I would best find a similar plot if I first found novels with a similar theme, but I'll describe the plot a bit. It's about a girl who gives her life to Jesus, expecting great things because she's determined to follow Him. However, she makes excuses when God urges her to let a guy go. She winds up being date-raped and arrested. She must learn how to forgive herself & overcome stigma.

Update 2:

The target audience is adult women. The setting is Seattle, WA in the 1990's.

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    Catcher In The Rye - Salinger

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    Wow. I had no idea that "Christians" indulged in what appears to be almost-snuff porn so casually. I guess you must be on some outer-wing, really progressive faction, eh? What would the Jesus think, though?

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    Here's an insider tip--I'm not the insider, but I listen to people who are--about comparables for query letters.

    If you can't come up with three to five, from which you narrow it down to two, then you're not reading in your genre enough. That means that you don't know what the competition is doing nor what the industry is doing in your genre.

    I don't read Christian fiction, YA, or New Adult, yet I thought of one comparable immediately, although it's not current enough to be a good example.

    So, since there's not deadline, I urge you to browse books until you find a dozen that might be like yours in some way--intended readership, underlying themes, plot, faith message--and read them all.

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    What they really mean is plot and things like setting/period (plus target audience), not the qualities you've listed, though those things can certainly be mentioned in the context of plot and setting.

    So, describe the plot and setting and your target audience (middle school. young adult, adult women, etc.) and perhaps someone will be able to help.

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