Suggestions for my folding chair ??

The table portion lacks really any kind of support.  Seems like a can or bottle or soda is ok but anymore than that it gives away collapses.   Sitting in the chair also because the seat material is not very thick literally can fell the metal bars after away back and legs get sore.  What can I do to add support to the table portion and make the chair it's self more comfortable to sit in.  


@ Hernando no idea what your talking about the chair is not broken.

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  • hihi!
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    3 months ago

    Pad or thin pillow on the chair; the table MAY be adjusted at the locking support bar which l guess does not lock when the table has not collapsed. MAYBE press it together or tighten the rivet (put a heavy ball pein hammer or piece of railroad rail if you have such an anvil, as a "back-up". Then, repeatedly tap the other end with a small to moderate hammer until the joint does not wobble). lf riveted and won't tighten, put another river (tap a 16d nail until it holds) or put a stove bolt thru it. You may need to grind the head or end to make it fit. (A rivet has a less massive head.) Also, on the chair-end or table-end on the locking support bar, be sure there is no "play" as that could cause it to not lock and support more than a drink can.

    Source(s): What l'd do if it were mine!
  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Your best is to ship the chair to the HJ Heinz Company's headquarters in Pittsburgh and let them fix it for you. That's one of the many free services that they offer.

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