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I'm a permanent resident who committed tax fraud?

I've lost my permanent residency because I overstayed out of the USA, so basically I'm in Mexico and I am a Mexican citizen, can the IRS still prosecute me for the tax froud I did?


Can the IRS seize my Foreign bank account?

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    Yes. If what you owe is sufficiently high the US and Mexico share an extradition treaty. Should have gone to Brazil. But unless you're a Wesley Snipes level scofflaw it's unlikely they'll bother. It costs money to go through the extradition process and that would probably be more than whatever it is you owe. However, your outstanding tax debt will continue to accrue interest and if you ever do set foot back in the US you could have some problems. 

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    Can they prosecute you in Mexico? NO

    Can they wait until you return? YES

    Could they seize financial assets in the USA? They can.

    Will they hunt you down? Probably not unless this fraud has millions attached to the dollar amount.

    As you have lost your PR it is doubtful you can cross into the US.

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    Yes, if it was committed within the statute of limitations. That might be 7 years, but you need to consult a tax attorney, straighten it out & pay up your US taxes, or you could end up in a US prison, and when you get out, you're deported with permanent bar to reentry.

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    Unless whatever you did was spectacular it is unlikely the USA will try to extradite you.  However, if you ever return to the USA and are located by the police you will be arrested. 

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