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Is it dangerous to run on the pavement in the dark?

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    It's "dangerous" to run in the street after dark, because your ability to see what's around you is decreased, and any drivers on the road may find it difficult to see you. Anyone running/walking at night near traffic should wear reflective clothing at the very least. I also recommend having some type of flashing lights that attach to your clothes and/or shoes to bring attention to you, and to use a flashlight, headlamp or some other source of light so you can see the road AND to bring even more attention to you by drivers on the road. 


    When I run after dark I wear light colors (esp my shirt), have something on that has at least a little reflective striping or reflective slap bands around my wrists, and I clip flashing lights to my shoes. I carry a small flashlight to see the road ahead of me, and I shine it back onto myself when I see an oncoming car, to help ensure they see me (do not ever shine a flashlight toward an oncoming car, as you could temporarily blind the driver and cause them to wreck). 

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    There’s barely any traffic where I run and floodlights everywhere after 10pm. I dunno wtf people are on about acting like there’s 50 lorries going over the pavement and complete blackness and dumbshit you’re not gonna get shot or run over just make sure you’re careful crossing roads and getting dizzy/exhausted/tripping in the dark that’s all 

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    It can be dangerous to run on any surface in the dark. 

    There may be sticks, rocks, trash, or other items that can trip you if you don't see them. There could be elevated or sunken panels. There could be potholes.  

    If you run in the dark, I recommend wearing a headlamp or other light to illuminate the path in front of you.

    There is also danger from others who use the road, path, or trail you are on. For these, it helps to wear lights so they can see you.

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    It can be if there's any traffic at all.

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    it might be if you cant see where youre going

  • That question reminds me of a kid I met a couple weeks ago who lives on my dad's street. We were talking about the things we've done as kids and apparently this kid won't even ride a bike because he might fall off. I mean, Jesus, we'd find the steepest hills in Davidson County and rolled down them in tractor tires in my day. What the **** is wrong with kids today? They're too pampered. 

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    only if you can't see where you're going, or if drivers can't see you. You could wear one of those reflective vests, or use lights. 

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