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Why isn’t there a major investigation right now on Hillary?

She hijacked Trump’s 2016 campaign 

Deleted 33,000 emails 

If anyone else did what she did they would be in jail for 50 years 

Meanwhile Trump has led America to the greatest economic boom in the history of the world, respected worldwide, he has saved millions of lives by closing the border with China, 

Trump is using his hard earned Family wealth To save America and he’s never gone wrong yet. He proved he is the greatest president in US History 


His approval rating has never fallen into the 20s, he has SOLID support from almost all states in America except the Taxachusetts northeast and the Left Coast which is a mess 

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    Clinton's emails were investigated, heavily.  You should remember that from the 2016 campaign where the issue ended up playing a crucial role in Trump's victory. 

    The FBI determined that Clinton's email usage, while sloppy and against State Department rules, was not criminal.  That's because the law really only criminalizes the intentional dissemination of classified information to unauthorized recipients, not the sloppy handling of such information in a way that may have theoretically left it open to discovery.  The deleted emails were also not determined to be criminal.  What happened is that when Clinton retired her people went through her emails and determined a tranche of several thousand which they deemed personal.  They told the IT guy who managed the server to delete them.  However, for reasons which still aren't clear, he waited on doing that.  During that time, Republicans in Congress found out about these emails and issued a subpoena.  Clinton's team tried to contact the IT guy to stop him from deleting the emails but by the time they did he had already deleted them. 

    Now, as for "hijacking Trump's campaing" I'm not sure what that means.  Clinton didn't do anything which even approaches illegality in the 2016 election (at least as far as anyone knows).  Trashing your opponent, or even spreading malicious lies about him, is not illegal (although it may be unethical). 

    As for Trump, he didn't lead America into an unprecedented economic boom.  In fact, he didn't create any boom at all (except in the stock market during his first year).  Trump inherited an already good economy from Obama.  That economy continued to grow under Trump (at least until corona came along and wrecked it).  But it didn't boom.  Economic growth and job creation under Trump continued to hum along at about the same level as under Obama.  In fact, both metrics slowed very slightly under Trump.  So there was no boom.

    Trump has not brought respect to the US, quite the opposite.  Public opinion of the US has gone down in every country in the world except for Israel and Russia.  We're an international laughingstock and, to use Trump's turn of phrase, a " **** hole country" whose citizens aren't welcome in other countries. 

    Trump did not save "millions of lives".  First off, he didn't "close the border".  He instituted travel restrictions.  But even after these restrictions on Chinese travel there were about 40,000 people who entered the US from China.  Trump also continued to ignore the problem in Europe, which ended up being disastrous because the New York outbreak originated from Europe.  Trump cost many many lives (although a precise tally is impossible).  He did this by a) downplaying the virus for months, b) refusing to develop a plan to combat the virus and then c) urging conservative states to reopen their economy and roll back restrictions before the virus was vanquished.  No other major country has this problem.  Everywhere in Europe has the virus under control.  We don't. 

    As for Trump's family money, he's spent none of it to help Americans.  In fact, just the opposite.  Trump and his family continue to bilk money out of people.  The US government has spent at least $1 million at Trump properties during his tenure (mostly room rentals for staff and secret service staying with Trump when he visits there).  They're also bilking tons of money out of Trump's campaign.  Trump has, to my knowledge, given no money of any kind to any sort of charitable effort to fight corona, or indeed anything else during his Presidency. 

    As for being wrong, Trump has done that tons of times.  Remember when he said about coronavirus "It's seventeen cases and pretty soon that's going to go down to almost zero".  That was completely wrong. 

    Finally, Trump's support is in really terrible shape.  He has been a uniquely unpopular president.  He's the only President in the history of opinion polling to have never gotten majority approval at any point in his Presidency.  Never.  Trump's average approval rating over the course of his Presidency is about 40%.  That's really low (it's also the same as Obama's lowest approval rating ever).  Polls currently show Biden with about a 15 point lead nationally and commadning leads in many states that Trump won in 2016.  These include not only the vital swing states of Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania (the latter seeing Biden up 13 points) but also Texas where Biden leads Trump by 1 point (that's still within the margin of error but the fact that it's that close is incredible.  Mitt Romney beat Obama by almost 20 points in Texas). 

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    There have been multiple major investigations against her and she has been let off the hook each time. She is scheduled to testify about her emails in September.

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    Why are there still pathetic losers like you hanging on to this complete nonsense? Can't you get a life?

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    American politics is crooked. Pick your poison or injections.

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    Here's Trump record - 4.1M cases of COVID and 146K dead as of yesterday

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    This is either a joke or you are the dumbest user on this site,,,, or maybe you're Eric Trump,, in that case then you are the dumbest user on this site.

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