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Who do you think might have ordered the DOJ to violate Michael Cohen's 1st Amendment rights by forcing him to sign an NDA to be released?

It appears that Michael Cohen was set to be released into home confinement, but to do so, he had to promise not to publish a book about Trump.  The judge, however, just threw out that condition for his release.  Now who do you suppose was using the federal criminal justice system in an attempt to silence Cohen?  I wonder.....


Will--I'm saying this because you have me blocked:  Democrats don't run the DOJ.  No one in the Democratic party would have the capacity to do that even if he or she wanted to.  The lengths to which you people will go to deny the obvious corruption of your leader is--well, just staggering.

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    I'm going out on a limb and guessing Trump, the kind of revenge.

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    I know the answer!  It's Chad Padgett .... head of the Bureau of Land Management in Alaska.  Did I get it right??!!

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