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How can I mute a Zoom meeting?

I am a co-host for a Zoom meeting, and the Zoom Host has been losing internet. I can't fix that problem (egos of others), so I would like to allow the participants to watch the feed directly from me when that happens.  I can't mute the host in the original meeting since that would screw up the host's recording later. I'm thinking of doing a YouTube Livestream of the same event that the participants can turn to when the host's feed gets screwed up, but the other participants would need to be able to mute Zoom and it's terrible static so they could hear the YouTube Livestream.  Thoughts?


Edit:  I am not in charge of the meeting.  I am simply being assigned as the co-host for someone else's meeting.  Also, I don't want to mute MYSELF, I want to find a way for each participant to mute the Zoom meeting so they can hear the YouTube Live on a TEMPORARY basis.  I will look into temporarily disabling Zoom's access to my speakers, but I'm hoping there is a simpler method of muting Zoom on my computer because it might be difficult to explain live to non-tech participants.

Update 2:

If anyone wants to know what worked, basically you have to go to click on the menu next to the microphone (where you mute and unmute yourself in the meeting) and select "Leave Computer Audio."  When you want to come back to the meeting click on "Join Audio" which appears where the microphone used to be.  Then click "Join with Computer Audio."

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    Instead of using Zoom, use Google Meets or Microsoft Teams. That may be a better solution.

    Another option would be to disable access to the microphone via the device manager or if using Windows 10, via the privacy tab in the settings menu.

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