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Can you explain to me how Trump has managed to get all the Republicans to fold like cheap dollar store lawn chairs?

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    Trump has immense popularity among Republican voters. 

    While he was highly controversial when he was a nominee, that changed after he won the election.  I think that many Republicans who had been skeptical of him were overjoyed that the party had won back the White House after eight years out of power, and during an election which they had mostly expected to lose.  Putting the final kibosh on the political career of the hated Hillary probably helped too.  In general, psychologists have found that Republican voters tend to be more interested in maintaining hierarchy and showing deference to leaders.  So now that Trump was the leader of the party they showed deference to him.  His refusal to apologize probably also appealed to Republicans who felt that their beliefs were often looked down on and ridiculed by liberal elites. 

    Many Republican lawmakers seem to be horrified by Trump.  Reporter Andrea Mitchell, who is married to Republican former Fed Chair Allen Greenspan, said that during impeachment a Republican Senator told her that "if the impeachment vote was held in secret, about 30 Republicans would vote to convict).  So a lot of them know how awful Trump is.  They also know that he's disastrous for the party's long term political fortunes.  But for almost all politicians the overwhelming priority is to keep their job.  And for Republicans that means staying on Trump's good side.  Just look at Jeff Sessions.  He was Senator from Alabama for twenty years.  When he last ran for reelection, in 2014, he was so popular that he ran unopposed and got over 97% of the vote.  But then Sessions left to become Trump's Attorney General and pissed Trump off by recusing himself from the investigation into Trump's alleged dealings with Russia.  When Sessions tried to get his old job back this year he lost the primary to a Trump backed candidate who got over 60% of the vote.  If that can happen to Sessions it could happen to almost any Republican.  At best, they know that if they cross him they'll face tons of negative calls from conservative constituents.  So, with a few exceptions like Mitt Romney, they roll over and go along with whatever Trump says.  Even people who previously criticized him like Lindsay Graham or Ben Sasse have fallen in line.

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