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Does water baptism correspond to the resurrection which now saves us?

1 Peter 3:21

CORRESPONDING to that, baptism now saves you—not the removal of dirt from the flesh, but an appeal to God for a good conscience—through the resurrection of Jesus Christ,

1 John 5:6

This is the One who came by water and blood, Jesus Christ; not with the water only, but with the water and with the blood. It is the Spirit who testifies, because the Spirit is the truth.

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    REPENT AND TURN AROUND... There is something else that you must do before you can get baptized. The apostle Peter said: "REPENT" , therefore, and turn around so as to get your sins blotted out." ( Acts 3;19) What dose it means to repent? It means to feel very sorry for any wrong that we have done. For example, if you lived a sexually immoral life, then you would need to repent. And even if all  your life you have tried your best to do what is right, you still need to repent, because we all sin and need to ask God for forgiveness. - Romans 3:23; 5;12. Is it enough just to feel sorry for what you have done? No. peter said that you also need to "TURN AROUND"  This means that you need to reject any former wrong conduct  and start doing what is right. To illustrate this, imagine that you are traveling to a certain place for the first time. After a while, you discover that you are going the wrong direction. What would you do? No doubt you would slow down, stop, turn around, and then go in the right  direction. Similarly, as you study the Bible, you might discover that there  are some habits or things in your life that you need to change. Be willing to "turn around"- That is, to make the necessary changes- and begin to do what is right.... WHAT YOUR BAPTISM REPRESENTS.. Jesus said that his disciples would be baptized "in the name of the Father and the Son and of the holy spirit." ( Read Matthew 28:19) What dose it mean? It means that you recognize Jehovah's authority and Jesus role in God's purpose as well as how God uses his holy spirit to accomplish his will - Psalm 83:18; Matthew 28:18; Galatians 5:22,23; 2 Peter 1:21. Baptism represents something very important. When you are immersed in water, it means that you have died to, or abandoned, your former way of life. When you come out of the water, you will begin a new life doing God's will. It shows that you will serve Jehovah from now on. remember that you  are not dedicated to human, an organization, or a work. You have dedicated you life to Jehovah. Your dedication will  help you to develop  a close friendship with God. ( Psalm 25:14) This dose not mean that a person will be saved just because he gets baptized. The apostle Paul wrote: " Keep working out your own salvation with fear and trembling." ( Philippians 2:12) Baptism is just the beginning. But how can you stay close to Jehovah?  For mor information JW.ORG

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    Yes indeed!

    [Galatians 3:26-28] "For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ."

    Let's compare it to what Jesus Himself said in [Mark 16:16] "He who believes and is baptized will be saved but he who does not believe will be condemned."

    What a pity the 'comments' have disappeared because Jon Pike, needs a "death blow." Jon, give "SELF" the blow that kills---this should be a daily routine; perhaps hourly… who knows?  And, yesmar, is calling Jesus a liar. 

    [Luke 9:23] And He was saying to them all, "If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow Me." 

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    The baptism represents the death and resurrection of Christ.

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    Yes and Amen because not only does baptism now also save us but it's actually the answer of a good conscience before God THROUGH THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST (1 Peter 3:21).  The Spirit, the water - (of baptism) and the blood - (of Christ) are the three that testify and agree on earth (1 John 5:8) just as the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit are the three who witness FROM HEAVEN (to our baptism) and these three are one (1 John 5:7). No wonder God was pleased with His beloved Son when Jesus got baptized as our example to follow.

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    Baptism can only be by immersion, in remembrance of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.  It doesn't refer to our resurrections.

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    That was a visible sign as dying to the old and coming alive to the spirit.

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    Water baptism is symbolic of being dead and raised again in Christ and is also our choice to commit to being part of the bride of Christ, a betrothal ceremony.

      It is not necessary for “salvation “.

    Source(s): Jesus follower
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    Baptism doesn't save... only the living God can through Jesus Christ, because of who He is and what He has done.

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    Is it really necessary to get baptized? Consider the words found at 1 Peter 3:18-22. (Read.) Just as the ark was visible proof of Noah’s faith, your baptism is discernible evidence of your dedication to Jehovah. But is baptism really necessary? Yes it is. Peter commented on the reason why. First, it is “saving you.” Baptism can save us if we have taken the necessary steps to show that we have faith in Jesus and believe that he died for us, was raised to heaven, and is now “at God’s right hand.”

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