Can I be proud of my southern heritage as a Latino?

I don't have any connection to people who owned slaves or people who served in the confederacy, but is it okay for me to still be proud of my southern roots and fly the confederate flag. BTW, I was born in Texas. And please, nobody call me coconut please, I'm actually very light skinned. 

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  • 3 months ago
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    One can be proud of their southern roots, but it is important to understand that the Confederate flag represents two things: 

    1. It is representative of the losing side in the civil war. In simple terms, the Confederacy failed to remain in a status of an actual nation because it lost the war and the effort to maintain slavery as a way of life. The war was between the north and the south, but it all hinged upon whether or not the south could establish slavery as a means for economic support, which the north was vehemently against. The war ended up with the south conceding defeat. The flag is not only a symbol of hate, but also one of loss because it is connected to the defeat of the Confederacy. 

    2. The flag itself represents an attempt to institute slavery into society. As mentioned, the core of slavery had to do with economic means, but it also encompassed dehumanization and brutality against enslaved people. The flag became the symbol of the Confederacy and what its original intent was. It was built upon the premise that slavery was a necessity to the success of the south (economically), despite its horrendous impact on humanity. 

    The other issue becomes, what is "southern heritage?" Is it your acknowledgment and affinity for your own familial history in the south? Or does it also include the sordid past of the south concerning slavery? Embracing one's heritage is acceptable, but it should be understood as to what parts of that heritage should be accepted and other parts that should not. Just because history happened, doesn't mean that all history should be deemed permissible or respected. Also not, Latinos in the United States have also historically suffered in terms of discrimination. Knowing this, the celebration or embracing of the Confederate flag goes against the common wisdom of minorities giving credence to a symbol of defiance and hatred. 

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    3 months ago

    You're not a true southerner if you don't have ancestral ties in the south AKA black or white American 

  • 3 months ago

    Flying a confederate flag should be considered treason, as well as flying a Mexican flag or any other non-American national flag...

  • 3 months ago

    The so-called 'confederate flag' is not a national flag, or even a regional flag. It is not the flag of the Confederate States at all, it's just a bastardized battle flag that the ignorant have claimed as a Confederate flag. So sure, you can be proud of anything you happen to be proud of, but don't pretend that this idiotic flag that celebrates slavery is part of it.

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    3 months ago

    The Confederate South's national motto was written in Lingua Latina. They knew the real Latins (Latini) are European.

    The idea of Latin America has very little historic value. The term wasn't used during colonization and they've never spoken Spanish in Valle Latina.

    You're not actually Latino

    Mezoamericans (Half Americans) were only classified under a Latino system for race. It's kind of like calling someone an illegal. The person isn't illegal, they're in the US illegally.

    Of course that could all be over looked if you actually understood the core concepts of Latin ideology ... Well, except for the recent vandalism of the Columbus statues. That tells us non-Europeans Americans don't want to be Latin.

    deo vindice, e pluribus unum

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    You can only genuinely be proud of personal achievements, not an accident of birth that you had no say in..

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