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I want to get a Ruger Alaskan for backpacking in Bear Country. Apparently, you can buy .454 ammo easily, but no one can CONTROL an Alaskan?

In .454.  Supposedly, the Alaskan is very controllable in .480 Ruger, but the ammo is hard to find, and the ammo will probably disappear in a dozen years. I don't reload. Any answer to my dilemna?  Any answer that requires a long barreled revolver is out of the question. Is a 15 shot 10mm Glock a viable answer?


Quinn: If my question makes no sense, what is the purpose of the .480 Ruger? Ever hear of it?

Update 2:

CTM: The Finns do not use 10 mm for Polar Bear Defense.  A) There are no Polar Bears in Finland B) Who needs a 10 mm when you have an AK-47 with 30 rds?  You are thinking of the DANISH Navy Sirius Patrol who are in GREENLAND. 

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  • C T M
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    Learn to control the recoil (with correct training and hand/wrist strength exercises it can be done). You can also fire any of the boutique "Ruger Only" 45 Colt loads from makers like Buffalo Bore, Double Tap, Underwood etc etc. for a still potent but reduced recoil (reduced from 454 Casull) bear load. I'm sure you already know about the carbon ring in cylinder chambers so there's no need to go into that.

    Honestly though.....I really think you'd be better off with a 10mm. You already know about Finnish forces using it for polar bear defense, so why not give it a go. If nothing else you'll have a 10mm, at half the cost of a Alaskan 454 that you can enjoy shooting. That 454 is truly brutal in recoil in a short barrel.

    Source(s): You've been mulling this scenario over for years, why not just get the 10 and start practicing with it. Midway USA has plenty of Underwood heavy weights in stock right now for it.
  • Sammy
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    2 months ago

    I'd go with the Glock 10mm, secondary to a big can of pepper spray (that I would always have in my hand!).

  • Adam D
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    2 months ago

    No one can control it?  See sources below.

    Ammo will disappear in a dozen years?  I see no reason to believe that.  The .480 survived Ruger pulling it from the market for redesign, it isn't going to fade away completely.  It isn't always easy to find, but a quick Google search immediately turned up .480 ammo available online.

    As others may have mentioned, the 10mm is used for bear defense in polar bear country.  But realistically speaking, if you're being attacked by a bear and you don't land one of the first couple shots, what makes you think you'll land anything while being thrown around the woods?

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    What do you want to do? 454, 460,480 and 500 offer tons of power per round but follow up shots are tricky at best. 10mm is no slouch but nowhere close to the damage levels per shot that the others have. It does offer capacity (especially in the modded kriss 45acp mags!) And follow up shots are much more doable.

    So do you want to gamble on a solid first shot and maybe a follow up? Or a guaranteed first hit and a series of subsequent hits and hope the bear goes down before your mag runs dry?

    Shoot them all and go for the biggest round that allows the fastest follow up shots.

    Don't count on reloading!!!

    Source(s): Any situation where I'm not sure....12ga w/3.5in slugs
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  • Quinn
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    Your statement makes no sense. If no one can control a Ruger .454 Alaskan, why would anyone buy it and why would Ruger still be making them since 2005? Companies don't make a product for 15 years if no one is buying it.

    A pistol is not one size fits all. The difference in people's hands and even their attitudes affect what is optimal for them. And perceived recoil is subjective. Just because one pistol feels right for someone, does not mean it will for you. And vice versa. 

    The best thing for you to do is to try shooting the pistols you are considering by either trying it at a range that rents such pistols or ask a friend who has one if you can try it out.

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    Hey----what the hell is going on with yahoo....I am not Poor Richard!

  • BBean
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    2 months ago

    Large bore handguns are my 1st love in firearms. They are controllable so ignore heresay and urban myths. The bullet goes where the barrel was last pointed when it leaves the muzzle. Recoil does not affect the target and it doesn`t matter how drastic the movement thereafter. The truth is that ammo is often close to $3 a shot. 

    The Ruger Alaskan is not for small hands but neither are many other handguns like the Desert Eagle .50 AE or S&W 500.  The 458 Socom with 350 grain ammo is my favorite for AR pistol and the most polite recoil, however, at $3 a pop only necessary shots are taken.

    Also, IMHO, 10mm Glock is not in the same class as the Ruger Alaskan. The weight of a fully loaded 15 round Glock is something to actually experience before buying. 

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