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Should I apply to these colleges?

I am a upcoming senior in highschool and wondering if I should even attempt to apply or if these colleges are way too out of reach since I am limited on my extracurricular activities... any advice is appreciated, thank you!

Interested colleges for biomedical engineering:

1)MIT( am being recruited as an athlete)






1) honor roll

2) good rank in my class

3) have taken 8 APs(and scored a 5 on Calculus as a junior)


1) played competitive tennis for 13 years

2) played in the varsity team for school and placed in state freshman year for the first time in school history

3) ranked top in the state and competed nationally and even internationally( didn't place)

4) have coached an organized tournaments in a local facility

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    It depends on a few things.  Consider the following:

    1. You cannot go to any of these schools if you don't apply. End of story. The only way to know for sure if you can get in is to apply.

    2. Applying to any university that has a 80% or higher rejection rate (20% or lower acceptance rate) is a risk.  There are tens of thousands of smart, ambitious, and accomplished students who are rejected from this schools every year. 

    3. Being recruited as a D III athlete is very different from being recruited as a DI athlete.  Still, the tennis coach should be able to tell you whether or not they are going to go to bat for you or not.  

    4. What were your scores on the other AP tests, what is your SAT/ACT score, what are your SAT II Subject test scores, and what is your unweighted GPA?  You can use a website like Niche to see the scatter plot of admitted and rejected students based on GPA and SAT/ACT data. Does your academic record meet or exceed the average for admitted students to these schools?

    5. How many schools are you going to apply to?  Applications are not free.  You and your parents have to decide how many you will apply to and, if these are all "reach" schools, what the other target and safety schools will be.

    6. Look at school "fit," not just the cache of the school's name.  Do you want to go to school in Rhode Island or Massachusetts or Southern California?  Do you want to go to a huge state university or a small private one?  How far from home do you want to be?  What campus culture appeals to you?  Why MIT and Brown but not other prestigious and Ivy League schools? 

    7.  Are you a California resident?  If so, the cost difference between attending UCLA or Berkeley and any of the private schools on you list is going to be close to $200K not considering financial aid.  Talk to your parents about how your family will foot the bill for Duke or Brown.  If you can't afford to go, don't waste your efforts applying.

    8.  Why these schools?  Why not Johns Hopkins, Georgia Institute of Technology, Stanford, Michigan, UCSD or Rice -- all of which are more highly rated for bioengineering than Berkeley?


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    You don't really provide enough detail.  You mention you are on the honor roll and have a high class rank, but you don't give any numbers. You also didn't tell your unweighted GPA.  Each of the schools you list are very challenging academically, so details count. 

    As for ECs, most schools don't care about sports unless you are a captain (which is favorable for leadership), or if you are talented enough to make an intercollegiate team.  That seems to be the case for you with MIT.  If can If you can get a coach's recommendation for MIT, that could be very helpful.  MIT is Division III, so you cannot get an athletic scholarship. It might, however, help get you in the door.  

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    The college process isn't always fair and while I can't predict which schools will accept you, I think that you have a good shot at all of those 5. You're well rounded and very smart. 

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    Excellent selection of colleges. If you can afford it, go for it.

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