I want to organize a DnD group of only white players, how can I do this without leftist weirdos calling the cops on me as an "evil racist"?

Are there any websites I can use to put out word for this purpose? I wouldn't trust the comic stores, they're run by bullies who aren't punished when I report them for harassment (thanks, California, for the Latino population everywhere), and I'd worry that yahoo will censor me for "hate speech" if I even bothered trying to network on their system. Word of mouth can only go so far, when Latinos won't do jack for whites because we're "Nazis," but they'll shaft us for their fellows to get ahead even when they're not interested or qualified for whatever.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    I doubt you possibly can without being heavily bashed on in modern society. My only suggestion would be to go live in a predominantly white city or state and try to start a group there without stating your intentions. Wikipedia has a list of white population percentage per state that you could look at. Or I guess you could go to a neonazi forum like stormfront and try to start a group there. 

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