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does anyone else do this (please help)?

I've never told anyone about this bc it doesn't really get in the way of my life.  I'm basically a normal teen. I'm not really introverted. Not socially awkward, either. But I sometimes feel crazy because of this!

Since I was 7, I've daydreamed, usually before falling asleep and in the morning, about this fictitious family and their daily life. The family's changed a bit, but mainly remains the same. They've kind of grown up with me, and I've created minor characters. Real people in my life are also include in their world. They live in my town.

It's not like they are imaginary friends, and I CAN separate my daydreams from reality! When I'm out having fun with friends, I usually don't think of them. But sometimes something happens, and I'm like, I wonder if this "person" does this in my daydreams. I know lots of little facts about these characters: birthdays, heights, fears, EVERYTHING. I guess it's kind of fun to build on them.

Some nights I don't daydream about them, but I often do, from anywhere from 15-40 mins. Also, if I'm in the car just listening to music, I daydream there, too. I think about them periodically during the day, ex.when exercising. I also google/research things for future daydreams. 

I am writing a fiction book for fun, since I have so much to say. A lot of the daydreams are characters overcoming obstacles, but sometimes it's just daily life. 

This is special for me, but is this really weird? Honest opinions, pls! I also daydream about my life too.


thank you so much for the really nice replies and sharing your experiences :) this helps me a lot!!

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    Gosh, I relate to this so much. I daydreamed since I was little a lot as well, but my fixations tend to be on fictional characters from media, such as shows and video games. It sounds like you would be fantastic with this story, since you know so much about this family! 

    Sometimes when I'm watching something I get an idea and have to stop everything I'm doing just to play on this idea and sometimes it goes on for weeks or even months. A lot of my daydreams revolve more around my interests than my life itself. I don't have any characters myself because the ones I do have in my daydreams are ones that are from my interests. As a result, their personalities are fully fleshed out but I use the character to reflect them and I even write for them in fanfictions and roleplay with other people.

    I know that I'm unusual myself and I have been even since I was very young. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 8 years old and it wasn't until I was 13 or so when I figured out that people don't have an entire world built in their heads with characters. My brain never seemed to turn off and I was constantly thinking or occupying my head with thoughts. It genuinely surprised me when I found out that there are some people who just... don't think of anything. That they just sit there not daydreaming or imagining a fictional world or the possibilities of life. I still don't understand it and I don't think I will. 

    So you're not alone! I experience a lot of these things too and you're not crazy for them! I promise! 

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    That does sound pretty weird, but there's nothing wrong with being weird. As long as you're able to distinguish your daydreaming from reality then I say it's completely harmless. The way you describe it actually sounds pretty interesting. Continue on with that book. Don't worry about whether or not it's normal.

    "To be normal is the ideal aim of the unsuccessful." -Carl Jung

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