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is it very possible that voting process in elections is a scam? votes really count?

of course the media will do something like what happened in 2000 when "W" beat Al Gore and make it seem like it is a real process , even stirring up the crowds with the illusion that Jeb , W's brother down in Florida did something to make the votes dissappear.? this was all a show, just bread and circuses for the stupid peasant masses?


remember those bumper stickers that said "W...The President"? and then "W"...STILL the president"? how stupid ? for arrogant idiots only

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    The voting process itself is not a scam. It was devised by the founding fathers and has served America well - until recent times.

    It's corruption in the voting process that invites the scams - particularly, the desire to decide the winner by popular vote.

    As was clearly seen in the 2016 elections, there was major election fraud, mostly in California (A Democrat-held state) where illegals and dead people voted.

    This was this controversial state that Hillary (Democrat) declared herself the winner because it propelled the total number of votes nationwide to more than Trump's.

    This is the very reason the Electoral College was established by the founding fathers as well - as a safeguard against fraudulent voting.

    And it's this Electoral College that the Democrats want to do away with so that they have a free hand to commit voter fraud (which has already started in the 2020 elections) and a greater assurance of winning in the future.

    The voting process works. It's the corruption that tries to win by fraudulent means that casts a shadow on it. Do away with the corruption and the voting process will stay squeaky-clean.

    Do away with the Electoral College and you'll always have corruption and fraudulent voting.

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    There's no allegation, to my knowledge, that votes "disappeared" in the Florida 2000 election.  But Jeb Bush did do things to try and help his brother win.  And I don't mean legitimate things like campaigning for him.  I'm talking about scams.  On election night in 2000 there were reports of some shady dealings such as Florida State Troopers shutting down some major intersections in black neighborhoods for no apparent reason other than to cause traffic jams and delays.  More well documented, and more significant, was the felon purge which Bush carried out.  Under then Florida law, people with a felony conviction lost the right to vote (unless it was specifically restored by the Governor).  Bush was concerned that felons had gotten onto the rolls illegitimately and hired a company to comb through the rolls and purge felons.  The company came back to him and said that the criteria they had been given was producing a lot of false positives, that is, it was finding a lot of people who weren't felons (but maybe shared a name with a felon).  Bush told them to go ahead and purge those people anyway.  IIRC a review found that tens of thousands of lawful Florida voters were kicked off the rolls because of this.  Dubya won Florida by just over 500 votes. 

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    No, it's not possible voting/elections are a scam. In the US for example all voting is done at the local level with millions of local people and officials conducting/ counting. Then that goes to the district level and all those people and finally to the state level and those people as US voting is done by states.

    To be a fraud and scam you would have to get like 1 million people total across the whole country and in each of those 3 levels to lie/cheat every election year and then to keep that secret for 200 years!

    Not possible.

    P.S. Just because Jeb Bush threw the vote of Florida to his brother George doesn't mean such cheating goes on all the time, it's in fact 1 of the few times in history that it happened. 

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    I earned my PhD at the Electoral College. Online classes.

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    It's not a secret that your vote doesn't count. It's the Electoral College!

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    W won because of a judges decision. 

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