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Who the heck else is sick of dark and gritty over the last 10 years?  I miss bright and campy!?

I'm not talking about those nasty horror movies but here's what I Am talking about:

I know people have always liked dark n gritty since the last 41 years but it's not like more people do.

I remember Before 2010 when either one was so rare in movies and tv unless they were X-Men, LOTR, Harry Potter, the 2 Terminator sequels, Underworld, the 2 Matrix sequels, Hellboy, Batman, the 2 Daniel Craig 007 movies, X-Files and the first 2 Twilights.  This was born in the late 1970s because Alien is very both, could it only be 2010 when they started mass-producing darkness because it was so rare until the new Alice Of Wonderland came out and it was horrible, if remade in 1990 or 2000 it wouldn't be.  From broody supers like Magneto to modern Disney remakes.  No wonder the 3rd Power Ranger movie "Failed" because it was friggen grim!, the same goes for Spidey 3, Beauty And The Beast reboot is very bright and campy and feels like Power Rangers (the tv show) and so does Aladdin and The Lion King, looks like they're Trying to bring back campiness but they're still Failing.  Most MCU movies are campy and PR-esque, some have darkness. 5 years ago Fixing Hollywood website posted this message board.

And I agree.


Playstation since PS4 has been very broody.  From Watch Dogs to Predator to Vampyr to World War Z which is darker than the movie, it seems Playstation has a fetish for dark and gritty, remember when Wii was king?  The only gritty video games then were Harry Potter and Batman ones, also Wolverine.

Update 2:

Tv shows apply to this change too, from campy 2000's AMC shows to dark 2010's and 20's Netflix shows.  

The Reckoning=darker than black

Lost=not dark, not gritty

Hardly any traditional animations were gritty unlike most flash animations and nearly All CGI animations, why?

Why weren't 2000's tv shows dark or gritty not even the zombie ones?

Update 3:

Even most of today's popular kid shows are getting ceased from continuation, the silly ones like Sophia, Llama Llama and Star Wars Rebels (i'm pretty sure) have had their endings way too early because Genius Brands realised most kids since The Last Airbender movie (i'm sure not Harry Potter And The Sorceror Stone or any Harry movie) prefer either dystopia stuff like the Hunger Games (REALLY!?  You think kids would like Hunger Games? No that stuff is way too scary and surreal!)

-continues below

Update 4:

The Last Kids On Earth and dark-fantasy stuff like newer Harry movies, newer Scooby Doos (that used to be bright fantasy!) and most modern Disney remakes.  Sometimes horror stuff too, I tried not to talk about horror but so many love Vampirina, Super Monster and Goosebumps movies over Zombie Plumb and Voltron which I'd rather prefer.  Few Days ago my bro was talking about You and my niece said "What's You?" and I said "NOTHING THERE'S NO SUCH THING!" because it's either rated R or TV MA.

Update 5:

No one is really sure bout this but there's no wonder why the silliness is being overshadowed by darkness unlike in the 2000s when we had Kirby, Mewmew Power, Sonic X, Ninja Turtles 2003 (good as 1980s tv), Shaman King (this is sorta dark, sometimes gritty) , etc.

Update 6:

What happened to silly anime and video games like Samurai Showdown, King Of Fighters, Mega Man, Kirby, Star Fox and vice versa?  We still have Mario, Street Fighters, zombie games and Marvel and DC but MAN!  Everything else has to do with a dystopian world (besides Gotham) or horror or dark-fantasy!  Nuff it already!  Yes that stuff's popular, so it was in the 2000s but they say 20 yrs ago it was so unpopular.  The 1984 movie 1984 wasn't a popular one even though it was the British blockbuster.

Update 7:

Disney has been like this for 10 and a half years!  From Alice In Wonderland from 2010 to Mulan this year!  The Mulan reboot although nice colorful gfx but is just another of their Lord Of The Rings or Harry Potter template with bad writing, no silly or bright acting or feel good moments!  I hear it's because they only aim for money not creative art, haha!  In 2000 people made X-Men grotesque for money and that was a saying back then.  I MISS 1990'S DISNEY!!!!  Even 2009 Disney wasn't like this

Update 8:

Woke, a horror movie(I think so)is said the be "the death of art", no wonder why and thats because of the stupid 10 year old gritty grotesque trend, like I said at the beggining even when its Not horror or slasher it still has to look and feel black!  Even original whatevers have to be that, also works are getting dark remakes and gritty prequels like their pasts were grey and the present and future being white.  I miss the bright CODs!  Early Call Of Dutys were realistic and not dystopia war!

Update 9:

Here we go with the video games again.  Other than Iron Man, Avengers, KH3, Insomiac's Spider-Man and the new Paper Mario, the last Creative video game was Lego Incredibles in 2018!  Everything else is a surreal M-rated dystopian warfare/dark fantasy/just a grotesque feeling video game where it's all senseless killings, no story!  Even the zombie ones like WWZ, Zombie Army 4 and Dying Light 2 have to be gritty, that's for the vampires, if you want a dark n gritty undead game, do a Twilight one!

Update 10:

Netflix is sure black with no life.  Hannibal, Dracula, new Walking Dead series, Reckoning, The Boys, just bout everything now on NF has to be darker than black and grittier than grey!  1990s TV=bright and campy, there was no tv show 3 decades ago that is gritty!  2000s TV=the same thing other than Lost, Prison Break, Sons Of Anarchy, The Batman, Breaking Bad, Wolverine And The X-Men, Hulk VS, Tin Man, Supernatural, True Blood and Vampire Diaries, because otherwise everything else was white!

Update 11:

Even 2009 TV wasn't dying in general, it only Started Dying In 2010!  Almost all 2011 TV Debuts were dark and gritty.  All 2015 ones were darkening more such as I Zombie and Daredevil.  2019 TV=No brightness!  2020 Netflix=BLACK AND DEAD!!!!  Positive TV is dead!  Positive video games are dead too!  Even zombie stories have to be so black, why!?

This is why I watch Llama Llama (everyone calls this show bs, it's not), Spy Kids, the new Star Warses, etc.  They're for escapism.

Update 12:

Last entry here:

People say to me "Get over it Cole!  It's the norm now so dang it!", Problem is I won't ever get over it unless the stupid trend ends!  Furry/robot/alien/zombie/superhero tv/movies/games over dystopia/dark-fantasy/ultra-violence/werewolves forever!!!  That stuff is so overrated and werewolves I'm sick of the most!  They appear EVERYWHERE!!!  Media is so OBSESSED with werewolves that don't exist!!!!  Neither does dystopia!!!  Zombies are better than both!

-Now that's all

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  • Steve
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    2 months ago
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    Im a take it as it comes, however it has to come kind of guy. It sounds like you simply need to find that 80s time travel portal, so you can live in that brightness, because it seems to me that things started getting dark well before 10 years ago. I would say late 90s, it seemed that way. At least there has always been a glimmer of light even among the overwhelming darkness.

  • LilyRT
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    2 months ago

    It goes in cycles.  the 70s were filled with dark cynicism.  the 80s were the reaction to that.  eventually, it'll swing back in the other direction.  too many actors want a role showcasing their talents and politics rather than a movie with a decent story.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    BS!  Isn't it!              

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